Saturday, June 8, 2013

Living Big

Living big is knowing the value
of what is sitting before you and what
resides within you.


I have always dreamed big.  My entire life I would day dream for hours about what could be.  The one element that was missing, was always the take action part of the equation.  I never would take action.  I would think, talk, plan but then not do anything to fully make it happen. But almost nine years ago I opened my skin care spa.  That was big.  I thought it and then I made it happen.  Then five years ago I wanted to go back to school to be a nurse.  That was big.  I thought it, I applied to the program two times before I was selected but, I made it happen.  Most recently, I thought of the idea of this site.  I thought it and then I took action.  This was one of the very elements that was pulling at my heart strings this week concerning the yoga course.  Am I reverting back to old habits by heading towards the take off and then backing down?  And then I realized I wasn't.  After all that I have accomplished in the past few years and knowing that my business, nursing and website have all had their delays and challenges, I've learned that timing is everything.

The idea of spirit launcher came to me in a flash.  This was an idea that without a doubt needed to come to life.  This was my most recent dream put into motion.  I thought it, saw it and then made it happen. I never hesitated or even really got scared.  I've learned especially over the last few years that dreams are there for a reason. And in taking action, we begin to live out our purpose in life. We begin to essentially live big. Through this experience I have grown not only as a writer but I have also met so many wonderful people all over the world that would have never touched my life had I not taken this dream into action.  I didn't just settle for the dream I started to live in the dream of living big.

The concept of living big starts with just that, a concept.  It's a thought, an idea, a masterpiece of the mind.  But how and when do we start living it? We start living big when we take our ideas and put them into motion. 

Look around the room you are in at this very moment.  Where do you think we would be if everyone just thought about their ideas and never put them into motion?  Well one thing is for sure, we wouldn't be communicating through cyber space and there would be no such thing as a computer for me to write with or one for you to read on.  What kind of a world would we live in if we were to just be at a standstill with every thought and idea?

How somber of an idea is it to just allow everyone else to share their dreams and ideas to the world, but you just keep yours at bay in your own mind?  Look at how many things we are reaping benefits from because someone or some group of people decided to live big and share their ideas by creating them first and foremost and then spreading it to the world. These creations have made the world more productive, helped us communitcate near or far and all across the globe and have given us a better way of life.  How spectacular is that?  And the fact is, all of this has spawned from the spark of just an idea.

Where has holding back ever gotten anyone?  It is a delay in our integration, of our learning and of our growing not just as individuals but as a worldly community.  If we all are chipping in and contributing ourselves to the betterment of everything, think of the power behind that.  Think of what could get better and all that could be accomplished. I chose to not take the yoga course right now, but I did go ahead and purchase the class textbooks, manuals and videos used for the course in order to start on my own right now.  This way I can continue to grow in my practice but not have to worry about all of the other elements not allowing me to go out of state to the course at this very moment.

Living big is one of our number one assignments in life.  Think if our creator one day just stopped creating. Where would that leave us?  Each of us is sent here with an assignment.  An assignment of both inner growth and of worldly growth.  So think about what it is that you think about. And then think about how much better the world would be if you chose to not settle that thought just in your mind.  But instead how much more beautiful the world would be for you to live big and believe in what you are dreaming. Dream about it a little and then put it into action a lot.  Living big shouldn't be just an idea, it should be the spark of the flame that then grows and brings the light of life to the world. Think about it, do you want to live as the spark of the flame or do you want to live from the spark and grow into the flame itself?

What is it that you can do to live big today?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

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