Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Time Is Now

Now is the time to make
everything happen.


A very close friend of mine got devastating news this week about her dad having been told he has cancer.  The prognosis is still up in the air as far as its origin but it is metastatic.  My heart has been hurting so badly for her and her family.  She lost her mom to cancer just a few years ago, and so here she is facing the unknown with the only parent she has left.  All of this in an instant and life changes.

I know that I have become much more aware of staying in the present moment but we are all guilty of going through life day to day expecting business as usual.  However these situations are the reminders the Universe calls out to us to take a moment and be grateful and thankful for life as it is right now.  Although we should tell the one's we love, that we love them everyday we sometimes don't always.  This made me want to give everyone in my life a giant hug and never let them go.  Knowing that at some unknown time in the future I will have to do just that.

I spent part of yesterday afternoon with my grandmother with whom I love and adore beyond words.  She has been my hero in life always.  She has taught me what it is to love unconditionally.  It didn't matter how awkward I was growing up, how I dressed or how many mistakes I made, because she loved me just the same.  That is why my love for her extends beyond anything else.  This was the greatest lesson she taught me.  This is a part of her legacy I will carry on in her honor throughout the rest of my life.  I am so grateful that I have this time with her.  Just to sit and talk to her.  To hear her laugh and to feel her hug me when I'm about to walk out of her door.  The love in her voice, her eyes and her heart is so magnificent just as the light she has within her.

My grandparents are the epitome of unconditional love.  I was talking with a friend earlier in the week and then again with my mom last night about how my grandfather, who has been gone for over a decade now, was always so kind, loving, generous and proud of us all.  He let the entire world know we were his grandkids and we were the biggest piece of his heart.  Both times as I shared the same story about him I got chills.  That is how deep unconditional love runs.  Even when we leave this Earth it never leaves our loved ones heart's.  We are connected with that loving energy that can never be broken.

The time is now to be love, show love and do loving things to and for the people around us and in this world.  To follow our hearts no matter what and to act from that heart space.  Now is the time to follow through with promises and commitments.  Now is the time to take the time to spend with the ones we love.  This time is so precious and we are never guaranteed how much time we have. So now is the time to make time to do all of these things.

We can become so bombarded with daily responsibilities that we feel like we are running against time.  Time doesn't stop for us.  Life just keeps going.  That is why it is up to us to fill our time wisely.  Look for the memories that can be made.  Don't get hung up on details and issues that in the end don't matter.  Walk through life with grace knowing that if we are present, time will always be on our side.  This is how memories are made.  These are the memories we will carry with us as the people we love need to pass on.  After all, it is the memories that make life worth living.

What memories do you make everyday with your loved ones?  Share with us we would love to hear from you!

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