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What we think is what we see.
What we see is what 


The power of intention is one of my favorite things to talk and write about because it is such a prominent daily tool for me.  Every day when I wake up I set an intention.  That intention is always of service to others. I pray that I may be of help to as many people as possible throughout my day.  My nursing career as I've talked about many times, is an absolute expression of service.  How can I help? and how can I serve?, are my two favorite questions to send out to the Universe before my day even begins.

The subject of intention came up the other night in my yoga teacher training.  I thought this was so interesting. I've been feeling major pings of anxiety every time I go to speak about my experiences in class. Last week the anxiety came to a head.  I know what I want to say, but what comes out, sometimes I'm not sure if it even makes any sense.  But as we came to the last alter for discussion, I forced myself through the fear and just spoke. I didn't focus so much on what I was saying, I just needed to get back to the basics and just speak in front of my class mates. I needed to push myself through that discomfort in order to get to the other side of it. As I finished talking, a release came over my body.  Shortly after, we did an awareness meditation and I literally felt energy rushing from the top of my head. The anxiety was gone.  It was a really crazy amazing experience.

As I was driving to this week's class I thought to myself, I am letting go of all that doesn't serve me.  I felt a calm come over me.  As we stepped to the foot of our mats at the beginning of our practice our instructor asked us to set an intention.  This intention was big for me.  I stood in silence and "finding strength through letting go" came to my mind.  That was my intention for my practice.  Not only mentally did I feel strong, but physically I was doing postures and movements I didn't realize I was capable of doing.  There was such a grace to my practice I was in awe of the transformation.  And all from setting and focusing on that intention. My instructor continued to bring us back to that intention throughout the practice.  

Later during the lecture she began to talk about the importance of intention in our practice and as teachers to introduce the power of intention to our students.  She then asked us to share our intention by using one word.  I was a little thrown off by just being able to use one word.  Because I was letting go in order to find strength. So I quietly mumbled strength, not really sure if I should have said letting go instead.  We continued the class and then ended with a restorative yoga session.  At the end of the practice my instructor again went around the room and asked us to share our intention. I again stated strength. But this time it was with unwavering confidence.

Through all of my teachings and practice I have always been taught that we have everything we need inside of us.  It is a matter of unveiling those things in order to bring them to the surface.  This was a perfect example of doing just that.  Not only am I feeling physically stronger, I feel mentally and emotionally stronger in everything that I do.  I don't beat myself up if I'm struggling over something.  I release it to the Universe in order to see the lesson, work towards that lesson and await the answer and the solution.

I don't need to know, be and see everything right now.  I can faithfully await for life to be revealed to me.  I am not just practicing yoga.  I am practicing and fully participating in life.  No matter what comes my way, I am learning.  Intention creates a focus.  It gives a reminder of what is going on in the now.  What we are to see, experience and contribute now and how that will effect the world around us. What we intend to contribute to the world will come back to us in waves of infinite new possibilities.

How do you use intention throughout your day?  How does it help you see the presents in your present? Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

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