Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Meditation of Intention

Happy Wednesday Spirit Launchers!  Today's Meditation is such a vital aspect of our daily lives and daily practice.  I would like to explore more in depth, intention.  Setting intentions for our day and throughout our day, gives a clear extension of energy sourcing from our hearts and going straight into the Universe.  Intention helps us to stay focused.  Intention is also the art of manifesting. It is clearly stating what exactly it is that we need. What do we bring into our own lives everyday?  How does that compare to what it is we want and need to be bringing into our lives?  Practicing intention helps us to see how interconnected we truly are to everyone and everything.

So let us join together today in community and set our own intention.  It can be anything.  It can be asking to be more patient, kind, compassionate, vocal, present...the list could go on and on.  Just pick one intention and focus on it throughout the day.  Notice how the flow of your day changes from if you hadn't set an intention at all.

Setting an intention gives us focus.  It also helps us align with our spirit and surrender to the will of the Universe.  A quote from Kris Carr that I love from this past Super Soul Sunday episode is, "When we truly embrace acceptance, that is when our body exhales and can begin healing."  Let's all join together and let our bodies exhale to whatever it is we may need in this moment and throughout our day.

Sit in a comfortable cross legged position.  You may want to light a single candle before you.  Let that represent the light that is within you.  Close your eyes and take long deep breaths in and out.  Focus on any tension that may be present in your body at that moment and breathe into that space.  Focus in this moment on letting go of anything that no longer serves you.

Choose a firm intention, do not waiver.  That intention is your mantra throughout today's meditation. As you breathe, continue to repeat that intention.  If your mind strays just bring your focus back to your intention. Find your power of purpose for the day through this meditation.  Carry this meditation with you.  Live within this meditation.  Let the day unfold before you.  Sit in this space as long as you need.

May your day be filled with love and peace.


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  1. Hey,Brought a tears to my eyes but they was happy tears because my place I went to was at Scarborough sea frount with my dad sitting next to me with the smell of fish and chips and the sweet sound of the waves and sea made me feel warm and like my greif was gone.....Im happy.Thaks to all!!!
    kirpal singh