Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Meditation For Stillness

Happy Meditation Wednesday Spirit Launchers! We all have such busy lives these days don't we?!? At the end of the day, how do we really keep the hamster wheel turning without completely falling off from the fast pace of it all?

I had a recent conversation with a friend who was explaining to me how her anxiety has gotten the best of her. When I asked her what could be causing it, she paused and looked at me responding, "I really have no idea why it's gotten so bad." She has been taking medication to attempt to ease the discomfort, but it isn't working.  I've talked to her many times about the benefits of yoga and meditation.  Although she is open to the idea of the practice, she instead decided to make an appointment with her doctor to adjust her medications. What do we do and what do we turn to when life becomes too much?

For me, when I am overwhelmed, the answer always is to be still. To be still, listen and know everything will be okay.  Nothing is too big to handle.  So I wanted to dedicate today's meditation to our busy daily lives. This is such a simple tool that we can interject into any part of our day.  When the tightness in our chest, shoulders and neck starts to rise.  When our breath becomes quick and uneasy.  When life seems to be piling up on us and within us, this is a tool we can all go to.

So let's sit in a comfortable cross legged position.  Relax our hands, palms facing up on our legs. Close our eyes. Take a series of long deep breaths in and out.  Feel what exactly it is our bodies are telling us at this very moment.  Do we feel tightness, pain, discomfort anywhere? Focus on that feeling and then breathe it out of your body.  Continue to breathe deeply.

The mantra for this meditation is simple.  You will repeat the words "So Hum", meaning "I am that".  Mantra helps us maintain focus, but also helps us to call in from the deepest part of ourselves the connective line of the Universe for help.  As you inhale, say in your mind, "So".  As you exhale, say in your mind, "Hum".   Repeat this mantra over and over for as long as you wish.  The longer you sit within the meditation the more beneficial it becomes.

When you finish, take note of the changes you feel in your physical body as well as your emotional body. What changes do you notice?  How can you use this mantra as a back pocket reminder throughout your day to find your own stillness no matter how big the challenge you are facing?

May your day be filled with love and peace.


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