Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This New Space

Our wingspan becomes endless,
if we just allow it to be.


So after sharing yesterday's story, every ones next question to me was, so now what?  What is next for this new space that you have created?  I talked yesterday about asking a similar question in prayer.  What is the plan for me? I have been saying for months since I postponed my yoga teacher training course, that I wish I could be teaching this practice now.  I know without a doubt, that what I am supposed to be doing with my time is helping others to heal their minds, bodies and spirits.  I want to share this great space with them and show them how beautiful life can really be.

I was planning on taking the yoga teacher training next year.  I've been in contact with my instructor back and forth for months now. Yet I had been told months ago about a course offered right here, to where I wouldn't have to travel.  It is once a week for six months. I continued to go back and forth with the idea of this class.  When I received the message in prayer that I was just getting started on my journey of yoga and Spirit Launcher, much more followed in a flash visual.  There was no more questioning, no more back and forth with the decision.  I knew, I was signing up for the course that starts later this month.

The ancient practice of yoga has brought more love, peace and understanding of the world into my life.  It brought me back to myself, my source and my purpose.  Without beginning yoga and mediation when I did, I really don't know where life would have taken me.  It has allowed me to stretch my mind and body, to become comfortable in my discomfort of new things, it has relaxed my mind to be still enough to listen to my own heart and the very messages I had been hiding from my entire life.

I've done many things professionally.  I was called to open up my own business almost nine years ago.  I was called to become a nurse because of my undying love of taking care of people.  With the undoubted passion behind all of those things, nothing has called me like the call I am receiving to teach yoga and the lifestyle that emanates from it. My other professions have helped to prepare me for my new venture.  Yoga has helped me transform my mind completely to be of service to myself and others at all times.  My writing is an extension of that as well.  

Spirit Launcher started out as just a vision and has become something that I never expected.  It has expanded my mind to be open to receiving the words that I write everyday, post and share with everyone on this site, in the hopes that it will reach the hearts of those who want to hear the message.

So to answer the question of what am I going to do with this new space?  I'm going to continue to fill it with purpose, gratitude, love and action!  There will be no more clutter, no more baggage.  The time is now to continue to create the great wake of being.  To not waste a square inch on anything that doesn't serve my greater purpose.  I will continue to move onward and upward in life.  Taking each lesson as they come my way.  Spirit Launcher will be my space of documenting my journey into deepening my spiritual path through my writing, yoga, meditation and just living life to the fullest.  Life is going to continue to produce miracle after miracle each step of the way. I'm thrilled to be wide awake in life to be able to enjoy and appreciate each one of them.  And I am ecstatic I get to share my story with all of you. Thank you for taking this journey with me. 

Where can you create new space in your life?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

As always with love,

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  1. Hi Jennifer. I replied to your Google+ post and followed you here. Interesting to see that you work as an oncology nurse, as this in particular (and all healing) is an area i became interested in and have since extensively researched. About 4 years ago I created this Natural Way to Cure Cancer page to share some of what I learned. I now offer a holistic healing protocol at The Sanctuary in Mexico, which, with personal adaptation can help people heal themselves of any dis-ease. I also work with medical intuitive healer Shruti Kher to help shift deep subconscious issues and change the patterns which often cause dis-ease.


  2. That is amazing Pete thank you so much for sharing! I would love to hear more about what all you have discovered in cancer treatments and overall healing. That is exactly the direction I am heading towards with my yoga practice and teaching.

    Much love,