Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Sunday Message: Look For The Light

Happy Sunday Spirit Launchers! Every morning as I wake up or walk outside to start my day I look up to the sky and look for the Sun. I began making a point to do this about a year or so ago.  I'm not sure why I started doing this or what made me think to do it initially.  I know part of me realized that I hadn't paid attention to my surroundings for years. I was so wrapped up and overwhelmed with my daily responsibilities, I had forgotten how to appreciate moments and the stillness within the moment.  I was bogged down with daily chaos.  I was "just trying" to get through each day.

Upon my spiritual journey many things have changed and this is one really big one.  To look for the Sun in the sky is a mind reset for me.  It gives me stillness in the moment, even if it is a few seconds.  It is a reminder of this great big star that lights up our entire world every day .  It is there for us, constant, unwavering, bright and bold, to share with us its warming light.  I make a point every morning to find it in the sky, say thank you to the Universe and to breathe in this energetic light.  This moment helps me to shift my mindset purely on gratitude.  This will transform your day immediately.

Even on a cloudy day and the Sun is nowhere to be seen, I still know it is there and at some point I will see its beauty shining down on me.  An amazingly beautiful thing that happens many mornings, is a break in the clouds will appear on my drive in to work and I can physically see these gorgeous rays coming down from the sky.  You want to talk about a moment of peace and astonishment, well there you go!

This is just a great reminder in our day to day lives to always look for the light.  No matter what it is we are going through.  Appreciate the happiness in the moment.  But also in moments of grief and sadness, know that the clouds are going to shift at some point and the light will be visible again.  I think it is imperative that we have a faithful mindset in our ever day lives.  Knowing that each moment great or not so great is going to pass.  And that our internal light will always be shining, just as the Sun, as long as we acknowledge it, its power and its purpose.

Look up at the sky today.  What is the beauty of this painting that lives above us, telling you?  How does seeing it, really taking the time to see it, make you feel?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

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