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The Hero Series: Be An Explorer

This week I am introducing to you author Michael Singer.  Michael was first introduced to me months ago on an episode of Super Soul Sunday in which his interview got me to immediately purchase his book,  The Untethered Soul. Everything Michael talked about resonated so deeply with me.  I had gone through about a year of really discovering my own patterns in life and how they had gotten me in situations that created the same heartaches over and over again.  I fought for years against what my own intuition was telling me.  I was fighting against what I call Universal code.  Universal code is the understanding that when we flow with the Universe's plan, we are living in faith that each step we take, we are being guided to our own purpose in life. If we go against it, we are going against the grain in life.

Michael talked early on about this in the interview.  The concept of working in complete harmony with the Universe and staying connected to our core, our inner most self.  He was speaking very clearly of my most recent lessons and findings in my own life.  So I simply had to read his book.  I purchased it, read a few chapters and then stopped, always with the intention of coming back and finishing it.

A rerun of his interview played a couple of weekends ago and I watched it again.  Only this time, I was drawn to the piece of the interview where Michael was talking about our inner most pain having to rise and be released or we suppress it and carry it with us.  I vaguely remember this part of the initial interview but I could not believe that again, in perfect timing, he was talking about very recent experiences I have had with residual pain surfacing by experiences with people in my life and that pain releasing itself from my body.  This has been going on for months in my life. So I decided to pick up his book again and complete it.  And where I left off in the book, just happened to be the chapter right before he discusses suppressed pain and the need to release it.

The Untethered Soul isn't just any book.  This is a journey beyond yourself as Michael explains.  Not only does he talk about our everyday habits that lead us to worry, regret, obsession, and utter confusion in our lives, he gives us very simplistic and common sense tools in order to live a different and more expansive life.

This is one of the only books I've actually highlighted points within it, as I would a text book.  He talks about Samskara, which is the unfinished energy patterns we tuck deep inside of our hearts.  The heaviness or lightness that we carry with us whether we realize it or not.  He gives very vivid examples of not only circumstances we have all found ourselves to be in, but the undeniable step by step process that happens internally with our own thoughts and emotions in those exact moments and how we can and will relive them over and over again until we let them go.

For me there is something about the timing of this material coming into my life.  It wasn't exactly new material, it just happened to be a mirrored reflection in words of my current findings and life lessons that I had come across, which was beyond encouraging.  It was almost as if the Universe was telling me that I have found my way and to continue to stay the course.

I would encourage anyone who is either beginning their spiritual discoveries or anyone who is wanting to explore more deeply the big questions about our very spirit and life to read this book.  It will get you so excited to implement the tools in the book, but it is also refreshing to read about the path of discovering and being an explorer of our deepest self and beyond.  I know this work has left a significant mark on my own heart and I know it will for anyone who reads it.

For more information on author Michael A. Singer go to .  All information from this article was derived from the interview Super Soul Sunday: The Untethered Soul and the book, The Untethered Soul.

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