Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Path of Inspiration

Today is a day to reflect.  Find a moment whenever and wherever to reflect on the week.  What happened during this week that struck a nerve with you either good or bad?  Did you have an experience that stood out from the rest?  Examine what happened during those significant times and feel the emotion that rises.  What is it trying to tell you?

We are so busy in our lives that we allow moments to fly by us no matter how small or prominent they may be.  I set time aside on Spirit Launcher on Wednesdays with our meditation to create a habit of doing just that, taking much needed time out in our lives.  My hope is that it may start with once a week for everyone, but the need for more will call to eventually take time out everyday to be in silence and reflect on the day. Reflection is how we come to understand where it is our life is leading us.  Through this, we can determine if we are on "The Path" or on a side trail.

This week I have focused on talking about inspiration.  I have been inspired by Mr. Joseph Campbell as he was this week's hero in my Hero Series.  His words, his love for his own life and others, has inspired me and countless others to live a fulfilled and inspired life.  Without him, I don't know where I would be in my life.  I hope Monday's article has inspired you all to explore Joseph Campbell and his array of work and efforts.  As well, I hope it has inspired you to find your bliss in life.  I know for me, life began to unfold and became bigger and brighter once I started doing just that.  When I realize as well, that the privilege of a lifetime is being who we are, backs up all of our efforts.  When we are who we were created to be, the entire world becomes brighter not only for us, but for everyone.  Thank you Joseph Campbell for your words of beauty and enlightenment.

So today, take the time, whether it is one minute or one hour, to reflect on where you are in your own life, the happenings within you and around you and where it is all leading you to be.  Share with us your findings. Think of Saturdays as a group reflection or a community journal.  The more we learn about ourselves and others, the more enriched life will become for us all.

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