Sunday, August 11, 2013

Evolution of the Heart: Day 7

Today is the conclusion of the Evolution of the Heart Series.  I hope this has served everyone well.  I know it has been good for me to reflect on the lessons of growing into and with an open heart.  The last two weeks for me have been especially trying.  My professional life has consumed and spilled over into my personal life. I have been one to be able to establish boundaries with most things in life.  But the last week has been especially challenging.

My life has become inundated with texts and phone calls from work that have consumed most of my personal time.  This is the first time professionally I've not been able to clock out and forget about work on my off hours.  My personal life and time has been flooded and invaded.

I've been through divine storms in my life too many times to not know to look for the lessons.  To see when everything seems impossible and the world around me is in complete chaos, know and trust that after the dust settles, something really big and grand will be waiting for me at the end. I have no idea what that "something" may be, but I don't have to doubt, I just have to trust that this is the way.  I look at every life experience as being an open invitation to learn.  When we are being challenged by someone else through an experience, we need to leave our eyes and ears open. We need to look for what possibly could be the purpose in the experience.  Often times the lesson will come to us funny enough when our mind is on something else.

The last two weeks have been the biggest challenge I've faced in awhile.  I have been pushed to my limits in ways I never knew could be possible.  I held strong and leaned on my faith, family and friends. Trusting that the lesson will be revealed in due time and that the only way to get through it is to simply trust the plan.  I thought it appropriate to reflect with the article, A Trusted Heart.  When we trust that our hearts are leading us to where we need to be, we learn to listen within and await our direction and path.  Life will unfold in the appropriate order.  Click this link to read today's reflection article, .

Share with us your thoughts and experiences! When have you been tried and tested?  How did you trust within your own heart?

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