Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Sunday Message: Look For The Message

Happy Sunday Spirit Launchers! I've talked about expectations in my articles before.  It's always a good thing to have standards and boundaries for ourselves and what we want out of life.  But when we are entering into new situations, and I often times use relationships for my example because I think we can all relate to this, we can future jump, create false images and characteristics for another because it is what we are looking for.  More than not when we finally meet this other person or get to know them, they don't match with these early expectations we've conjured up for them. My advice, be open to what the experience will bring you and what it is you can openly give back in the moment.  You don't need a scripted experience, you just need your truth.

I had dinner the other night with a dear friend in which he opened up about a newer relationship that had recently ended and how he had been beating himself up for months over what he considered to be the dissolve of the relationship because of a lie he told and later admitted to the other person. He said many times while sharing the story with me, "Go ahead I know you think I'm absolutely crazy now, don't worry I totally agree with you."  My response, "You're not crazy.  Life was sending you a message to not hide from who you are.  The moment you stepped out of your own truth was when the relationship fell apart.  Look for the message you are being sent in all of this."

He was so focused on what it was he had done, he actually said that he was being punished for it. I absolutely disagreed with him.  I told him that every person in our life is here delivering a message to us. Just as we are delivering a message to them.  This was life's way of saying to my dear friend, there is nothing wrong with you.  Shine and shine completely in your own truth.  Living a lie weighs heavy on your heart.  The guilt in lying feels miserable because hiding is a miserable state of being.  I told him he needed to receive the message being sent and to forgive himself and let go of that heaviness within his own heart.

He responded, "I messed up and I need to face that.  I guess I'll never know if it was meant to be or not." My response, "You will know if it wasn't meant to be because it will never happen.  Hold on to this message however, because the Universe will bring this lesson around again.  You will know when you are at that crossroads again.  You can use this message the next time to choose differently or make the same decision. The choice is yours."

People will come and go in our lives.  Some will be mainstays, but for the most part people often times are just pop ins.  Accept those people for who they are and the messages they have brought to us no matter if we label them "good" or "bad".  It is difficult but I have learned to not label people and things anymore because I know they are here to teach me something.  Whatever it may be.

When we look for the messages life brings us, not much is left to question.  It enriches our experiences and it shows us this beautiful path of discovery we are on.  What message do you think you bring to others and to the world?  What messages have others brought to you?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

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