Thursday, August 8, 2013

Evolution of the Heart: Day 4

There is nothing stronger in life than vulnerability.  Often times we can fool ourselves into believing that being vulnerable is caving into weakness.  In all actuality, being vulnerable shows our strength within being honest.  Honest with ourselves and the world we live in.  Not being afraid to say this is who I was made to be and I am going to shine as brightly as I can.

When we share our true selves by wearing our hearts on our sleeves, life becomes a creative force that is unstoppable.  Hence today's reflection article, Our Hearts and Sleeves.  Follow this link to read

As we become more vulnerable by trusting our own truth, our inner fears disintegrate.  Nothing can stop us. All road blocks can be knocked down almost effortlessly.  Because we know deep down, we have strength that can and will prevail against anything.

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