Friday, August 23, 2013

Bring It With You

Within each wave and each ripple, lays a stillness
waiting to be reached.
So reach for it.


I talk to a lot of people about meditation. It is not just one of my favorite things to do, it is also one of my most favorite things to talk about. Someone once said to me that their meditative space is by the water and that it is the only place they can find peace and tranquility. They explained that their daily life is in complete turmoil and the walls constantly feel like they are crashing in. In order to find peace, they escape.  They cannot shake the reality of their own life during their day to day.  So the escape is the calm.  My answer to that is, take the water with you.

How many times have you ever thought about running away from things when they get too difficult?  How many times have you quit something or someone in your life?  How many times has that someone been you? It can be so much easier to see the patterns of other people before you can focus on your own patterns. However, recognizing our own patterns is vital to our balanced state in life.

I talk quite a bit about implementing the meditative state of mind into our everyday living.  Living within meditation as I call it.  Now when beginning this practice, we are just dipping our toes in the water.  We are testing it to see what exactly will happen, what it is like, and what we can get from it.  Once we get comfortable within the peace and stillness we must then transfer that energy into our day to day.  Slowly introduce the tools we learn, practice and then inevitably have to have in our day to day thinking and actions.  This is how we become aligned.  This is how we venture into an enlightened state of being.  Back to the story about meditation only existing by water. Implementing the meditative tools in our life is bringing it with you where ever you go.  When you leave that quiet space, don't leave the stillness behind.  It should be enlivening within you and eventually coming out of you in your day to day life.

And this takes practice.  The best way to achieve this state of living is to set a goal for yourself each day. Take the time to take time for yourself.  Even if it is two minutes in the morning.  Set your mind set for the day.  What is it that you want to get out of this new day that you've been blessed enough to experience? What is it that you yourself can give to this day?  Is it happiness, gratitude, understanding, patience?  It could be anything.  Make a point to set your mind to that and see the difference it makes in each moment.  When you lose focus, that frame of reference in your mind can bring you back to your intention. It holds you accountable for your thoughts that eventually lead to your actions.

So what can you bring with you today?  We've reflected this week on our emotions and how to create a flow with them.  How to begin to move through blocks of energy within us.  How to release what has been hidden and sometimes forgotten.  Can you bring your own stillness with you?  Your own peace and conscious desire for what could be made better?  Think about it.  Why not have peace in every moment? Why run away to find it?  Why not breathe through the challenges we face? Why not do everything we can to lead our best life now?  Within this very moment.  Wherever we are.

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