Thursday, August 22, 2013

Just Go With It

Life's flow is the Universal energy within us.


I know all of us have done this at one time or another.  Or maybe even a lot.  Something happens, completely unexpected and we mull over it for hours, days, weeks, sometimes years.  We replay that something over and over in our mind as if thinking about it is going to go back in time and create a change in events for us.  The fact is, it won't. It happened whether we liked it or not, felt it was fair or not, or were blindsided by it or not.  Life is full of surprises. Life is meant to catch us off guard.  Life is meant to be a challenge.  Our response to life and the Universe's response back to us is determined all with how we think about things and situations and ultimately how we react to them.

Do we focus on every little detail of what we wish could have happened differently and what we wished we would have said or done differently?  Or have we learned that things just tend to work out better and with ease if we let go and just go with it?  Have you tried both scenarios? Which one seems to work for you?

Sure we can blame all we want on others or happenings in our lives.  We can point the finger and say, "If I had never met this person, my life would be so different." Or, "If this never happened to me I wouldn't be in this position right now!"  Let's try a different perspective with these.  What if instead we said, "This person hurt me very deeply but they taught me to love myself enough to say enough is enough."  And, "This was the most difficult thing I have ever been through, but I learned I have strength that I never would have known, had this not happened."  What about saying about any circumstance, "I am grateful for..."  or "I am thankful because..."  This way we give our mind a reset in order to perceive things differently.  We are able to look for and then see the lessons as they are brought to us.

I had a client the other day say to me, "I am so mad because I see how this person has been controlling me all of these years and they are so good at it!"  My response to them was, allow your feelings to surface.  Feel them as deeply as they can be and then let them go.  Your emotions during challenges can be like a roller coaster. One minute you feel on top of the world and the next, you're sobbing into a box of tissues.  The real lesson isn't about what another person did to us.  The real lesson is why did we allow it to happen?  Because if we stopped the behavior immediately, we knew the other person's issues are their issues not ours and that the behavior itself wasn't about us at all.  But if we allowed their issues to become our own and we took them on as our way of life, it is no longer just about the other person, it is about us.  What is it in ourselves that is allowing another person to take over our life?  What is it about ourselves that we are trying to avoid by focusing on someone else?

You can look for lessons anywhere, anytime and with anything.  When we know there is meaning behind it all and we take the time to look for it, it will show itself to us.  And not only that, it would shine in a different light than if we would have not been looking at all.  When we just go with it, instead of trying to change what cannot be changed, we become aligned. It is when we recognize our own energy flow as the Universe's energy flow.  There really isn't a question of how could this have happened?  The question becomes what does this all mean in the bigger scheme of things?  What is life trying to show me?  And finally, what am I showing life?

When we relax and let go enough to do an energy shift, we create a platform for our greatest performance which is living a true and honest life.  We no longer have to wonder in worry.  We wonder in excitement instead.  We begin to live in greatness because we act in greatness understanding and knowing it is our absolute birthright.  Whether we accept this truth or not, it is there waiting for us all along the way.

How can you let go in life and just go with it?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

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