Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Evolution of the Heart: Day 3

Meditation is where we can sit in silence and practice listening to our own hearts.  We can become still enough to hear what it is our heart is trying to tell us.  In moments of stress, happiness, loss or gain, meditation offers the practice of connecting with the very thing that makes us alive.  The vitality of our own spirit.

This practice has forever changed my life.  After four years of practicing myself, the results are not only instant, but have become more brilliant than I ever dreamed possible.  In an instant, we can shift our minds and our hearts to something magnificent.  In an instant we can see the miracle that lay within the stillness.  In an instant we see the gift that is our own life.

Today's meditation will open our hearts to the endless possibilities that reside within our spirit.  Find a quiet place to escape and listen to what your heart has to say.  Enjoy!

Full of Heart Meditation

As always with love,


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