Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Hero Within

Courage is the talent of heroes.
They see their goals as challenges
and remain steadfast until each goal is met.
Nothing is out of reach of their ability.
All can and will be conquered with the sword of determination.
What we must come to realize is,
 we are the heroes of our own lives.


I wrote the above passage after a friend of mine asked me to write something for her nephew.  He was away for the weekend at his first retreat and he was so scared to leave home.  He suffers from a muscular disorder and presents an awkwardness upon first meeting him.  He was afraid of what it was going to be like being around new people who didn't understand his condition.  In the end he trusted in himself and left the retreat with a renewed sense of self worth and truth, as well as new friends.

The above message is one that I wish every child could comprehend from the beginning.  We tend to grow up comparing ourselves to others as soon as we recognize our own differences.  I wish we realized early on how special and integral those differences are to the world we live in.  If everyone were the same, how would we ever learn and grow?

Discovering our hero within is one of the most important lights we can uncover.  We have all of the skills we need wrapped up in the fascinating invention, we call our bodies.  The mind is a magical and glorious thing. When thoughts are over encompassed by ego however, it can become our biggest enemy.  Our ego will feed to us our deep seeded insecurities.  It is our constant reminder of all of the criticisms, doubt and projected hurt we have experiences from others and ourselves and have let seep into our very being.  Our ego will do its best to hide our truth.  So if we can remember to not feed into the lies and learn to silence our ego, life becomes full of sparkle and shine.

I've been noticing over the last few months some very significant challenges in front of me.  I had established a sense of peace very early on in my spiritual journey.  More recently, I have had challenges of being introduced to people who reminded me of people in my past who had hurt me.  People that I thought I had long forgotten about and had already dealt with the residual hurt. People who if I allowed them, very well could have disrupted my peace. One by one people would step into my life and in a flash I would think of this other person who had hurt me. I realized after the first incident that there was a giant shift taking place in my heart.  This shift I will talk more of in an article later this week. I knew this was my intuition telling me something. I use this as a gauge of how far I want to delve into a new relationship.  This is the internal barometer I used to push to the side.  It of course has always been there, but way back when, I just didn't want to believe it. I learned the hard way that my gut instinct, my intuition is always right.  Now, I heed the warning or green light no matter what.  

Using this internal guidance system is what has made life become so much easier and save so much time and heartache.  I don't invest in unworthy relationships anymore.  I simply accept them for what they are and walk away.  When we find our truth, we aren't afraid to stand in it and shine.  I had a friend the other day question my intuition when I was explaining a situation to him.  His response, "I need hard facts that I can actually see before I can make that assumption."  My response, "Your internal guide is all you need.  The hard facts will come later. Just wait you will see."  And that they did.  As we were having dinner I saw it in his face as he looked at his phone and there were the "hard facts" he was waiting for.  He shook his head and said to me, "You don't know how much I don't like saying this, but you were totally right."  All I could do was smile. I don't fight my intuition anymore.  I am in harmony with it.  This is key to connecting with our truth.

We must connect with our truth and find the courage to stand in it.  What is it that is calling us in this life?  What is it that we can do to bring ourselves to life?  These are the very questions Joseph Campbell had the answer keys to.  When we follow our bliss we fulfill our enlightened commitment to this life.  When we understand that, the privilege of a lifetime is being who we are, we realize there is nothing to change about us. Our purpose is to accept and then share the gift that is our very self with the world.  

Trust in what life gives you as being your heroic challenge and path to greatness.  Trust that you already have the talent within you.  Trust that if you honor the journey by showing who it is that you were made to be, you will be guided to your very own promise of purpose.  And within that our own hero stands at the top of the mountain having declared victory upon every step of the journey.

How have you found your own hero within?  Share with us, we love to hear from you!

As always with love,


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