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The Hero Series: The Extension

My spiritual journey began as so many do, with questions.  Why am I here, how did I get here, and where am I to be going?  And even bigger yet, what is the meaning of all of this? I had been thinking about these questions for months and was finally ready for a more in depth look at them.  Only, I wasn't sure where to turn to in order to find them.

Funny enough, I was sitting on my couch on a Sunday morning watching QVC and a man by the name of Dr. Wayne Dyer was talking about his new book series he was selling.  Everything he spoke about was directed to the very questions I had been asking.  My initial thought was, could I really find my answers through a home shopping channel?  And the answer surprisingly, was yes!

The package was delivered to me which included his newest book, Wishes Fulfilled, his I Am Wishes Fulfilled Meditation on CD and a DVD set of  his travels to different holy places in the world.   I was very skeptical when the packaged arrived, but even more intrigued by the hope that I would find something within his material.  I had no idea how this simple purchase was the beginning of my new beginning.

I began reading the book, Wishes Fulfilled which speaks of manifesting into your life what it is you are deeply desiring and longing for.  I didn't quite understand the concept initially.  I thought that you simply had to think a positive thought and all good things would then come your way.  That you could meditate on what you wanted and it would arrive on your front door step.  A very innocent misunderstanding, but it was a start to say the least.  I realized through Dr. Dyer's words that my thoughts had great influence on what and who I was bringing and allowing to be in my life.  To say I was a "Debbie Downer" was putting it politely.  I was extremely negative minded and always looked for the worst to happened because I had learned over my lifetime that is how life is.

So I thought to myself, maybe this is all a bunch of hocus-pocus, but clearly what I'm doing right now in my life isn't working so why not try something new?  Do I really have much to lose?  So I started and continued to implement positive thinking every day.  Did I see changes in my outside world?  No.  But what I did notice was a change internally.  I felt better.  And when I would have a negative thought come to mind if I continued to think it or actually said it out loud, I started to have a sickening feeling in my stomach.  I would have a physical reaction that just didn't feel right.  I knew at that point in time I needed to get rid of those thoughts once and for all.  Along with reading and practicing positive thinking, I was doing the I Am meditations.  These were so different from the guided meditations I was used to.  This was going into deep meditation which I had never experienced before.  I was touching the very seed of my soul. At first it was frightening, but then it grew into absolute bliss.

Dr. Dyer used a metaphor of, if we take a cup of water from the ocean, is it not still the ocean?  He was speaking of us being an extension of our Creator as opposed to us being separate.  Somewhere in my up bringing I had been convinced that my Creator was a Zeus like figure in the sky that was a puppet master pulling our strings, punishing us for any little thing we did wrong, and in a sense was something to be feared.  We were never a religious based family so I'm not sure where that illusion came from in my mind, but it was there.  So when the concept of me being an extension of my Creator was introduced to me, I didn't get it at all. How could I even come close in comparison to my Creator? The more I thought about it though, the feeling emerged of a long forgotten memory that resurfaced to me. And then I got it.  And it made perfect sense and brought me a little bit closer to home.  Dr. Dyer taught me that we are deeply and divinely loved more than we could possibly imagine because at the center of us all and of it all is pure, abiding, divine love. When I learned to divinely love myself, was when life started to look more vibrant and beautiful.  Life began to make sense. The walls around my heart began to come crumbling down.  Once my internal world shifted, that was when my outside world began to shift as well.

I owe so much to Dr. Dyer for all he has taught me. I called him my hero long before Spirit Launcher or the Hero Series existed. The world that he introduced to me, continues to unfold in ways I could have never seen coming.  This past February he was on QVC again.  I experienced the need to call and attempt to thank him on the testimonial line.  I knew immediately that I was going to talk to him.  As I was on hold, I said a prayer for all fear to vanish my body and allow me to find the words to express my deepest gratitude to him. And I was able to do just that.  His warm presence through this conversation is something that I will never forget.  It was such an honor to speak to him and to be able to thank him for giving me the tools to change my life.  I've gone on to read many more of his books and recommended materials.  This journey was what brought me back to my own light after living in and accepting my own darkness for so long.

Many people say that we can't change.  The truth of the matter is, when we step away from our own light we change away from our original self.  We have the ability to change back to who we were supposed to be all along.  When we drop our ego and fear, we can meet ourselves again on our very own journey back home.

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