Tuesday, August 27, 2013

We Are

We are a breath of fresh air.
The moment in which we stare,
Deep into the waterfall
of life.


We are the ever flowing richness that is love.  We are the extension of universal love that abounds from our very source.  It is within us and it is all around us.  We live and breathe it every step of the way.  We were created to be love, to give, accept and create more love.  How do you project this task from your own heart?

I've found through many aspects of my own life how it is that I give love. It took me years however, to realize that first and foremost I must give myself the love that is needed in order to truly live a love filled life.  I have to take care of myself, my mind, body and soul in order to give the most powerful love to others.  

In every aspect of my life I am constantly giving.  My nursing profession has actually allowed me on a daily basis if not a moment to moment basis, to be able to be selfless and giving to others.  I have dealt in my career with the sickest of patients.  Working in hospice allowed me to see the result of many end stage diseases.  Having shared so many moments with patients who have been given weeks or months to live and even standing or sitting next to someone as they take their final breath, has enabled me to appreciate the time that I have in the now.  We can't go back and change what has happened in the past. But we can live in our present day being more present and making the choice to represent ourselves as being the love that we were meant to be and give from the beginning.

It is easy to get wrapped up in everyday melodramas, but it becomes just as easy when you are in the presence of someone who has been given a meek prognosis, to realize how unimportant the small stuff really is.  My mission in life has become being as fully loving an individual as I possibly can.  To learn to truly live from the heart.  That all started from healing my own heart.  It has taken years, but I can honestly say I wouldn't trade anything that has happened to me to get to this very point in my life.

What I do personally and professionally are one in the same, I give and then give some more.  It doesn't shut off.  My mission is to give, to love, and to live the best life now.  I don't clock in and out of this mentality.  It begins as I awake each morning with an intention and I firmly believe it continues through my energy as I sleep at night.

My vision for my yoga and meditation practice is simple.  I want to be able to help everyone cherish the gift that is them.  For me there is not a better connection in doing so through the practice of yoga and meditation. They are one in the same for me.  It brings us back to honoring the very body that houses our spirit and in turn ignites our spirit on this Earth. It is a choice we make to make the most of everything right now, or to take it for granted that it will be there as it is now for always.

In an article I wrote a few months back called Reinventing Home, I talked about my new venture of honoring my body as the house of my soul.  It is in fact my spirit's home.  Deep within my heart lay all of the energy and power that is my being.  I decided to clean up my diet and go heavy on meditation and yoga.  This has deepened my sense of self beyond what I had already achieved.  I was astounded at the immediate and resounding change that occurred in every facet of my life.  Fully embracing what all I am has even more so deepened my ability to love myself and the world around me.

No matter where we are in life or who we think we are, where we think we should be, or how we think we should get there, the one answer that rings true always is that we are an extension of the love of our Divine. And we are divinely powered within that love.  If we practice and make a point everyday to deepen what it is we are delivering to ourselves and the world we can make the most significant difference in our day to day lives. Our lives take on more meaning.  And we create a never ending waterfall of possibilities of peace and hope that can give us wings that are the very breath of life that keeps us in flight for all of eternity.

How do you extend and expand on the love to yourself and to the world?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

As always with love,


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