Thursday, August 15, 2013

The One

There is only one of you.
Let that be enough.
That will bring you abundance.
That will bring you acceptance.
That will fill your heart.


The amount of light that we radiate from inside, is directly related to how much we believe in ourselves.  If we believe, have faith and know that we are enough, that we are already complete, we will lead a very different life from if we don't realize or cannot face our own reality.

We sometimes think of "The One" as being someone other than ourselves that magically appears into our lives and saves us. The truth is that you and you only are the one who can make or break your own life.  You are the answer, the solution, the cure to every circumstance.  How do you face challenges as they come to you?  Do you hide, complain, or ask "why me"?  Or do you look at the real messages hidden beneath each challenge?  Do you remain steadfast in faith, knowing that the answers will come at the most perfect time?

During my own awakening to life, I stopped asking questions like, why me.  I started to adapt a regimen of looking for lessons within everything and everyone who came across my path.  This was the exact practice that got me excited about living within the moment and looking forward to every new day.  Because I realized how blessed I truly am for getting to have another moment and another day.  Not only to live and cherish what I already have, but because I have no idea was surprises are awaiting around every corner. And that every corner, if I allow it too, can become a cornerstone in my life.

To live fully awake and conscious driven allows you to change your view points in life and circumstance and realize the force within you to forge ahead no matter what.  Recently, as I mentioned in an earlier article this week, I have been met with some interesting challenges lately.  I have been reminded through new people in my life, no matter how brief their stay, of previous painful relationships.  Now the old me, would have had the attitude of, "I just can't catch a break.  I don't even know why I put in the effort because I end up disappointed every time I meet someone.  I give up."  But the real me understands that people come and go in life.  And that is okay because that is the plan.  And it makes you cherish the long lasting relationships even more.  There has been an even more incredible shift within me recently.

Through being forced to relive past pain and hurt I recognized I had residual pain hidden within me that I thought I had dealt with years before.  Apparently not.  One by one over the last six months, whether it is stories about former people in my life or actual new acquaintances, old memories began to surface.  I questioned from the beginning what it was all about.  Then I realized that by being put in familiar old patterns, I wasn't making the same decisions I had in the past.  It was an unconscious thing as it was happening.  But upon review I came to see that my initial instinctive assessment, was what I was allowing to guide me.  I didn't waiver. I didn't question it.  I just went with it.  And remember what happens when we flow with the Universe's flow? We continue down the given path in our lives.  We don't take wrong turns because our inner guide is leading us as it always tries too.  The question always remains, are we listening?

As I would exit each relationship I would leave with a heavy heart.  This was where the real familiarity would come to play.  It wasn't with the new relationship it was with the old relationship.  I began to practice my meditation and yoga and ask for this heaviness in my heart to be lifted.  Through this practice I realized, I continue to draw in and deal with certain types of relationships because of this residual pain inside.  I knew after awhile that this pain was being forced to surface in order to be released from my heart.  It had to go and now was the time.  Eventually, my ego began to go along with it.  This pain has been released and evaporated into thin air. A lightness came back into my heart.  By its very release, I am able to make room for more love and light in my life.  It's been a beautifully fantastic experience.  One that has been enriching and enlightening in so many facets.  

With each experience we have, if we are open to analyze and ask, "What is it I am to learn from this, instead of asking why me?" we can then reveal the truth within our own hearts and heal whatever needs to be healed. Without this healing, we can't completely move forward.  We need to remember that we are the ones that can change the course of our own lives.  If we study the course within the course of life, we can have all of the answers we need to live the most abundantly graceful lives possible. We are the ones who work as one with our Divine as the creative force behind life.  So let's make it the best and the most beautiful life that it can be.

How do you show up as "The One" in your own life?  How do you stay on track?  Share with us we would love to hear from you!

As always with love,


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