Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Be The Light: Meditation

Hello Spirit Launchers and welcome back to meditation Wednesday!  This is where we all come together at our designated time of 8pm Eastern and 5pm Pacific time to unite in energy in order to create a giant shift within the world. This week I've talked quite a bit about finding what it is inside of us that makes us come alive.  As Joseph Campbell suggests, follow your bliss and you will be supported on this wondrous journey we call life.

The more we come out of our own fear and step into our own light, the better our life becomes.  The brighter our life becomes.  And our light creates a glow for others to walk with us in our footsteps. As always, I recommend reading through this meditation a few times before we meet. So let us gather and begin our community meditation.  Find a quiet place and sit in a comfortable crossed leg position.  Place your hands on your knees palms facing upward.  Touch your thumb and index fingers together in gyan mudra.  This is the mudra for inner knowing.  Close your eyes and focus on your third eye, your energy space for intuition.  Take a few long, deep breaths in and out.  Let's begin.

Be The Light Meditation
by Jennifer Fremion

The light we seek comes from within. 

Imagine a light sitting at the base of your spine.
This light is white, bright and electric.
So beautiful you can't take your eyes off of it.
Begin to feel the energy that emanates from this light.

See this light illuminate your lower body
and yet move up your spine and into your abdomen.
That energy force from your lower body insists with each breath in, 
the energy must move up.

Now see and feel this light enter into your heart space.
Feel the warm blissful energy as it feels as if
your entire body has been ignited.

This energy now radiates from your heart center up to your throat.
It is warm, it is full of life in its radiance.

With your next breath, imagine a rush of energy from your base
spine is forcing the energy in your throat to move up your body.
Now the light resides in your mind's eye, between your brow point.
Imagine it white, glowing and bright.
Let it show you what is ready to be seen.

The light is then again pushed and forced upward to the top of your head.
Now your entire body is illuminating with this light.
Stare deeply into this light. Breathe it in as if it was the last light to shine.

Look for the deepest meaning of this light.
As it is the deepest meaning of you.

Remember this light.
Feel this light.
Be this light from within you.


As always with love,


©2013 Jennifer Fremion. All rights reserved.

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