Saturday, July 13, 2013

Our Hearts And Sleeves

To show the truth of our heart
is to show our vulnerability to the world.
To live in this virtue is
our greatest gift and strength.


One of the scariest things we face in life is vulnerability.  Why? Because we have been told and taught, that to be vulnerable is to be weak.  If we show who we really are and what we really think, we could be judged, made fun of and worst of all, rejected.  Life's window should be left open.  However when we shut out vulnerability, we shut out the ability for our truth to breathe freely.

The fear of rejection is so great, we will dismiss our own instincts and go on auto pilot into someone else's life or someone else's dream. We conform to what is "normal" and "accepted" and disregard our beauty in difference.  We throw away our life's gifts all to be like someone else and we get further away from ourselves.

To be our truest self is to show our utmost emotion, our vitality, our strength and our reverence for the beauty that is our own life. If we hide inside we hide our gifts from the world.  We keep secret what is meant to shine. We put in question our Creator and his work. So how do we know for certain that if we let people know the real us, we will be accepted?  We don't.  That is the greatness hidden within this lesson. To be vulnerable enough to stand up and say, this is who I was made to be, is the ultimate tribute to life.

What we do have to know, trust and understand is that we were made exactly how we are for a reason.  NO matter how awkward, frightened, closed off or dismissive we are, there is something more for us to learn just as there is for our personal settings to kick start something for someone else.  We are perfect in our imperfections. They are there to teach us something all along the way.  And this isn't meant to be interpreted that we accept our Ego's way of thinking and become defensive in our own misguided actions and behaviors.  It is simply that we must accept where we are at this point and figure out through our thoughts and actions the path back to love that will lead us to where we are meant to be.

We have all feared being judged at some point in our lives. And we have all judged at some point in our lives. Either because we fear what we are seeing in the other person might be in ourselves or because the other person is who we wish we could be. But to come to understand that when we judge what we see in others we are only judging ourselves is an integral lesson of acceptance. Until we accept ourselves for how we are in this moment as being enough, we will always find something to be wrong.  Why not begin by accepting life as it is in this moment and the potential lessons that can be learned in the next?

Do not be afraid to ask for what it is we want in life. The first step is thinking, then saying and then doing.  If we never put it out there, how do we ever expect greatness to come our way? We have to put out in the world exactly what we wish to receive.  Do you wish other people and experiences to be authentic? Well then start being your authentic self to the world. And if we aren't showing how we really feel and what we really need, how will life ever be fulfilling?

We go through life never really knowing the outcome of any given experience.  Yet we hold back because we won't get hurt as badly.  We don't invest, so we can never lose.  We don't speak up, so we never say the wrong thing. Guarantees and perfection is never a state of life. Remember we are perfect in our imperfections! The significance of life is to live for the moment just as it is.  No matter where it is that we stand right now in order to challenge ourselves to be better.  Wear our heart's on our sleeve so we can see the real us. So we are free and unchained.  Live with an open heart.  We have absolutely nothing to lose when we do.  An open heart is the only way we can make room for the treasure that is in store for us. We have to make room by giving up the old for the new. Since I've learned to lead with an open heart, the world's heart has opened itself to me.  So include your hearts and sleeves in everything you do.  The greatest gift in life is choosing to be the real you.

How do you wear your heart on your sleeve? Share with us we would love to hear from you!

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