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Living The Dream

The ultimate fulfillment in this life
is living out your own purpose.


We hear people all of the time that are living big within their own purpose say the phrase, "I'm just living the dream!"  However, we can also hear people jokingly say this phrase when they are saying loud and clear that they are in fact not.  Have you gotten to the place in life that your true purpose has started to show itself to you?  What did you do?  Did you shy away from it or did you embrace it?  Was it a process of both?

I have many conversations with people who are at a crossroads in life.  Maybe they are picking themselves back up after grief, rebuilding their lives from a divorce, or nothing in particular has happened they just feel lost. In talking with them all, there is one common denominator, and that is they are not living out their dream in life.  There is something hanging out in their hearts that they have put on the back burner for some reason.  Whether it is fear, lack of confidence or lack of faith, whatever it may be, their dream has gone to the way side.  The dream is the hidden key to their own fulfillment.  When I point that out to them, their faces light up.    Some say, "I never looked at it like that."  Others say, "I absolutely agree.  I for some reason continue to put it off and delay it from happening."  One person said to me, "I fell in love and I just gave up my dream."  Yet when he talked about the dreams he gave up his entire demeanor changed.  His presence became a light show of excitement.  I got chills as he was telling me about the love he had in what all he gave up.  Now, the love that he sacrificed his dream for is ending in a divorce.  Could the possible key to lighting up his world permanently be igniting his dreams that are at the way side?  I believe so.

I sympathize greatly with those who are sitting out on their dreams.  I had done it my entire life.  The one dream I never gave up on was my business that I started from absolutely nothing almost nine years ago.  The first two years were such a struggle that most people would have given up.  But this wasn't their dream.  I even had the obstacle of my husband at the time being openly jealous of me having this business and made my life miserable in hopes that I would give up my own dream.  I knew I could never let that happen.  And I didn't.  There were many rough roads but I stayed the course.  Now almost nine years later, I have not only a successful business, but my relationships with my clients are what is at the center of my heart.  Their love, support and encouragement along with my love of my dream, is what lets me know I'm on track.  And I have had haters.  I've had people attempt to copy cat what I was doing, who even went as far as trying to recreate my very craft, & because it isn't their true dream and was just a money venture, it never worked.  When things aren't from the heart, they aren't genuine.  People may not see it in the beginning but the truth is always revealed in time.

It wasn't until I really started to believe in myself and my purpose that my life began to change.  I had sacrificed everything but my business for my marriage and that simply never works.  That is why I had to end that black cloud of a relationship.  I needed to be able to experience blue skies in my personal life just as I was in my professional life.  I thought very simply the key to my fulfillment in life would be the legal finalization of my divorce.  I was sorely mistaken.  The key to my fulfillment in life was my spiritual path.  Honoring through living out my creative process and the truth within myself was what brought me to this life.  My spiritual path was what brought me to writing my first book and ultimately creating this website.

Two major bloggers that I follow who have a beautifully expanding audience receiving their messages, have both mentioned many times throughout their careers in both writing and lecturing, that when your dream is contested by another, one blogger refers to them as "haters", you know you are on the right path.  And are right around the corner for something really big and really great.  I wholeheartedly believe that very thing because I have lived it many times in my life and in my careers.  I hadn't yet experienced it with my website until the other day.  I won't go into full detail, because I want to share an even bigger miracle that came from all of this in a later article. But I had someone from a religious based meditation circle contact me about my interview posting.  This person stated that they didn't see where it related to either the religion or meditation and that I cannot blindly post any and all postings.  I thought to myself, this is clearly a misunderstanding.  So I explained to this person that my purpose and mission is to share inspiration of how to live within a meditative state in everyday life by fulfilling our purposeful creative source.  It is fine to practice meditation in the privacy of your own home, or a studio or wherever, but as with anything, practice needs to be applied and used, or there is no point or purpose to it.  

Long story short I received insults from this person of both my author that I featured on Monday, her writing, and also my own work.  What I realized because of the thread of antagonistic ridicule that was coming from this person, is that clearly they were not living out their own dreams. I tried to find what it was about my posting that had hit such a nerve with them. Then all of this came to me. This conversation wasn't about my post, my featured author, or me.  This was about the other person.  And that is exactly what my bloggers have always said.  Anyone who would lash out at someone over their work is simply trying to discredit and take away from you what they don't have for themselves.  People who live from love and supporting others to do the same, simply do not lash out at others for following their own dreams.  They encourage, support and bring light not darkness to the other person.  

Living the dream doesn't mean the path is going to be easy.  It means that your love for what you are doing will bring you through any obstacle that attempts to come in your way.  As a matter of fact, those obstacles are perfectly and purposefully placed in your life.  It is for you to prove to your Creator and to yourself how great your love truly is for what you are in fact creating.

So if you are living the dream congratulations and stay the course.  As you already know that path is full of surprise, wonder and beauty in all elements.  If you are not yet living the dream, what is it that you can start to do right now in order to make that happen?  And realize that it is a chain effect.  As you live your own dream and walk your own path, you will then begin to light the way for others to do the same.  When we live in love, we live the dream.

How are you living your dream right now?  If you aren't already, how can you start to live your dream?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

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