Saturday, July 20, 2013

Time Is Precious

Time is precious.
Use it wisely and with
all of your heart.


I was thinking yesterday after telling my life's story to many people this last week, how precious time really is.  When I share with everyone all that I've done and been through thus far in my life, the response is always, how do you have the time to do everything that you do?  This is a valid question.  One would think with working a full time and part time job would be difficult enough.  And yet I have added the new ventures of writing my book and starting Spirit Launcher.  On top of that starting a strict yoga practice involving a daily morning and evening meditation.

The interesting thing is, since I have started to do all of this, I feel I have more time than I ever have before.  Time moves so slow.  Especially once I started writing, it was almost as if the Universe slowed time down for me in order to make enough time in the day to get everything done.

I feel the importance in all aspects of what I do.  Whether it is my writing, nursing, or skin care, I know these are all elements that put me in the realm of service and that is where I belong.  In helping others, I have grown leaps and bounds within myself.  I look at every and all situations as being tests and lessons that continue to guide me on the directional path I was meant to be on in life.

I am happy that I made the decision to put my yoga teacher training on hold.  As much as I feel it is my calling to teach this life changing practice, I knew that it was not the time.  As much as my instructor was telling me now is my time, I chose to follow my intuition and not have it be skewed by what someone else thought I should be doing.  This was huge for me because in the past, I was so easily guilted in to doing things I didn't want to do, just because someone else told me I should.

It occurred to me when I was being pulled while making that decision, that I had worked desperately through nursing school, working full time between two jobs, one of which was running my own business, and attempting even more desperately to finalize my divorce, that I needed to take time out and enjoy this wonderful new life I had worked so feverishly to create.  To throw a new commitment in the mix just didn't feel right.  Although my nursing supervisor agreed to work with my schedule, I just knew this time around was not my time to do this.  I wanted to not only live in this calm and peaceful space in my world, I wanted to be able to enjoy the yoga teaching experience for all of its beauty.

I was talking to a few people this last week about the massive amounts of people I have known who went through a divorce around the same time as I did.  And how many of them were so unsettled with not being in a relationship.  So instead of making themselves comfortable within what was new and uncomfortable and taking time to figure out how to repair the hurt from the previous relationship, they immediately jumped into a new relationship.  Only to find out weeks, months or years later, they were with a different person, but in the very same scenario that precipitated their divorce in the first place. Many times, they just continue with this pattern of knowing that the person they have in front of them isn't what they need, but they want a relationship so badly they will expend their energy into trying to create a facade to themselves and the world in hopes that this person will eventually turn into what they wish they could be.  And this never works.  But they continue to do it over and over again because they haven't taken the time to understand their own patterns.

The preciousness of time is that we get enough of it to evaluate our own actions.  We're not perfect and that shouldn't be the aim of anything we do.  We should be working with ourselves and the Universe in order to create the Divine order in which is our life's path.  If we feel we are going against the grain in life, more than likely it is because we are.  In one of the most life changing texts I have ever read, A Course In Miracles, describes life as, "If a miracle hasn't occurred, something has gone terribly wrong."  And it has.  If we can even just start with this statement and lead our life from that, things will change for the better.  If we look at every person, experience, circumstance as a learning curve and a lesson, our life will immediately get better.  Things fall into place.  I always say look for the lessons in everything.  Especially when life gets hard and you have been massively hurt.  The answers behind these lessons are often times the big ones.  The game changers.

My marriage was a game changer for me.  It taught me that the way of life I had chosen and was living was not going to get me the life I dreamed of having.  No matter how hard I fought the Universe and tried to demand circumstance and opportunity, life didn't get better until I started working with the Universe. It was within my own surrender that I found peace.

Now I look at my life in complete awe. With every person, experience and opportunity that comes my way, day after day I am blown away by how joyful life is.  Don't get me wrong, things can still be tough, but I will say, knowing there is a reason and a lesson hidden behind everything, I am always up for the challenge.  Life then reveals to me the beauty hidden behind the challenge at the most perfect of time.

Time is precious.  Don't waste another second wondering if things will get better.  If you sit quietly and listen to what your heart is telling you, you will realize you have all of the necessary tools inside to make change and make life into what it is intended to be.  If you've given up on your own dreams in the past, start making them your dreams in the now.  Don't just think about doing things, do them.  When you open this window to life, life will open its double doors to you.  Time will make room for all of the surprises, joy, beauty, and light in order for you to be successful.  It will be all for your taking.  You just have to acknowledge how bad you want it, how hard you will work towards it, and it will all be yours and more.  This is a life worth living.

What dreams have you given up?  How can you start living out your life's potential?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

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