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The Message: The Interview

I'm very happy to introduce to you author Mari Perron as Spirit Launcher of the week.  I contacted Mari through Twitter because of her interesting website explaining some of her past writing techniques.  I was intrigued that she had written a trilogy based upon one of the most important texts I have ever read, which is A Course in Miracles.  She described her experience as being a "scribe" for these writings. I resonated with this writing style because my own writing seemed to come out of nowhere, and it was such a gift and a blessing for me to be sourcing such profoundly heart centered material.  I wanted to know more about Mari's writing rituals and knew my readers would be interested as well.  Here is Mari's story.

Mari Perron is an author based out of St. Paul, Minnesota. She likes to exercise her power of words in her back yard cabin. Mari has written and collaborated on more than a dozen books in her career.  Her latest venture is a groundbreaking piece entitled, "Discovering Feminism".  This is much different from her previously spiritual based content.  Mari stated, "Writing my new book has been so different from anything I have done in the past.  I knew almost nothing about feminism when I started writing.  I'm not an expert on feminism.  This is more of a discovery than anything. I emphatically encourage women to leave behind whatever beliefs, ideas, situations or mystique's that are limiting their ability to find liberation and to bring all they have to give to a world that needs each of us to be precisely who we are and no one else."

Mari's writing journey began in the mid-nineties, with A Course of Love Trilogy.  This is where Mari explains she was used as a "scribe" to write these books. "I have experienced three different feelings and processes with writing.  One is the "scribing" which was an unadulterated act of "receiving" the words from Jesus.  There was no question of source, no question about what we were up to .  He had a "course" he wanted taken down and I was the ears, the hands and the heart that would do it.  I didn't ask questions.  He didn't answer them (even through my questions were being answered).  The most amazing thing about the experience to me still, as a writer at least, is that we wrote three books in three years that were so interconnected and flawless.  What I mean by that is, when I had completed the receiving and went back to actually just "read" what had been written, I was stunned by many aspects that were so far beyond anything I could have done with intent of even an outline."

"I have also published some "channeled" writing, "The Grace Trilogy" with Hazelden Publishing back in the mid-nineties.  This was a record of the start of my spiritual journey.  A journey I shared with two other women with whom I worked with.  I had been raised a Catholic and was introduced to what was then a really new type of spirituality because one of my friend's lost her baby daughter named Grace.  She had questions that became "our" questions.  Questions of loss, love, grief and God.  I was surprised to begin to hear from an angel named Peace.  I basically kept a journal too.  I would ask questions.  Peace would respond.  This was a very different process than the receiving of A Course of Love."

"And finally, I wrote, "Creation of the New, " which felt much like a work that was being  "given" and yet that I knew was not from an external source.  Its source was within me and it came more like a vision in word images."

You have published both traditionally and through self publishing avenues. What would you recommend for someone who is just getting into the world of publishing?
"My first suggestion would be for someone to look for a local agent and then also a local publisher if possible.  My first book was published by Hazelden Publishing here in Minnesota.  My editor and I sat at my dining room table and edited my book.  He sat with me and cried while reading it.  They just have a very personal investment in what you are doing, which can be very different from larger publishers.  With New World Library who is based in California and a much larger publisher, I never met my publisher or my editor. So just like with many things in the world today the intimacy of personal contact is fading a little bit.  So if you can go with a local publisher and can be present face to face with people, I would always say go that way."

"Self publishing is much different. There are many different companies out there that you can use to either do printed work or ebooks.  The time it takes from finishing a book and then putting it into publishing can take only months as opposed to using a traditional publisher that could take years.  And self publishing is becoming more acceptable now.  You have control over prices, exposure and you don't have to worry about your book being pulled due to low sales volumes."

You sound very much in favor of self publishing.  Can you tell us more about that process?
"I really like using the site,  I find the site very easy to use.  Your first step is to fill out a form telling how many pages you have and what kind of binding you want. They will then prompt you with detailed questions that if you've never been published before you wouldn't know to look for and do. After you have filled out your information on your proposed book, they will go over the price point with you. For most writers self publishing is much more lucrative than going with a traditional publisher.  With self publishing you set your own profit margin.  With traditional publishing you will make a very low profit until your sales are high enough usually around ten thousand units."

What advice do you have for new writers who may be looking to be published in the future?
You have to really love the work that you are doing and feel it is necessary to the world to really go through everything you have to go through to sustain your creativity.  You have to be passionate about what it is that you're writing about.  It is like birthing a baby, I always say.  You have hopes for your book like you do your own children. If you really love what you're doing and believe in your work, you will find your way through the entire process."

Thank you so much Mari for sharing your story and being so generous in sharing all of your knowledge of the publishing world.  Your graciousness in all of the time you put into researching information is much appreciated. Thank you for all of your beautiful writing and lessons in love!  For more information on Mari and her work go to

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