Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Inner Strength: The Article

Our strength doesn't hide its mystery.
It is in our surrender, that we find our ability 
to reach inward for power.
To remember these answers,
is to remember the core
of our salvation.


Our inner strength is possibly the most tested element of our being.  Throughout life we are set up for challenges, tests, annoyances, preludes, interludes, action and then passings.  We are kept on our toes every second of every day.  When you think about it, we never know what next is coming our way.  We are living in a state of constant limbo. In every moment we know the unexpected is right around the corner.

The beauty of being in constant limbo is we get to practice time after time our inner most strength.  It is  like lifting weights with our heart muscle.  The more we use it, the stronger it becomes.  The stronger it becomes, the greater our strength.  We also work on becoming more patient and accepting of the unknown.

So where does this inner strength reside within us?  Where is our power kept?  It is protected lovingly within our Creator which in turn is within our deepest self.  Within this miraculous body of ours, it is within our spirit. And it is there.  There for us to lean on, have faith in, and to use in every experience. 

I often times have talks with people going through hardships and they say things like, why is this happening to me? Why am I being punished? What did I ever do to deserve this in my life?  It took me a long time to understand that these are the words of the Ego.  The blasphemist Ego.  The Ego tries emphatically to enforce its inflated neuroses and to surface itself as our truth, as our defined self.  All it is, is a reminder that the Ego is our fear self and a shadow figure that keeps all that is sacred and beautiful, hidden in the darkness of fear's space.

We must remember that step by step in life, the hidden is revealed.  The mystery unravels before our very eyes.  We just have to be awake enough to see it.  And once we see it we will always believe it.  Our inner strength is one of our greatest attributes because it shows that we in fact do believe.  It shows the level of faith that exists for ourselves and our Creator.  It helps us to understand the bigger plan and our ultimate purpose.  Without this perspective we become lost. 

When we walk into the shadow of ourselves we then have two choices.  Do we walk into complete darkness, or do we walk back towards the light?  When have you ever pulled for your inner strength and not found it?  When you call on it for help, it steps up to the challenge every time.

Patty Edwards from yesterday's interview said it perfectly when she stated, "God only knows the outcome of things."  We try so hard sometimes to force an outcome that we want, but in reality our inner strength lies within the power of surrender. When we allow ourselves to lean on what is bigger than us and to have that kind of faith is when life becomes everything we need it to be. The big picture becomes very clear.  We understand the lessons beneath the challenges because we dig deep to unbury the answers.  We work dilingently to find the answers because we know the power that unleashes in its freedom.

Our inner strength is the power of our Creator within each of us.  It is his word, it is his work, it is his love.  It is there because we are a part of him never to be broken.  To be tested and proven in the power that is our very own metamorphosis from spirit to human and into the human spirit.

How do you call on your inner strength?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

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