Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Calling In: Meditation

Welcome back Spirit Launchers to another meditation Wednesday!  This week we've been focusing on our abilities to heed the call in our own life's purpose.  Big or small we need to have a still mind and open heart in order to receive the call in the first place.  We need to be open to any and every possibility.  We need to stay focused on calling in love to our lives by giving love to everything we do and everyone that crosses our path.

Today's meditation we will be calling in whatever message it is for us to receive in this moment.  We will learn to trust our heart center and begin to call in love.  Once we are able to receive the message of love, our vision of life follows.  I always recommend reading the meditation a few times before we meet at our designated time of 8pm Eastern and 5pm Pacific time.

Please sit in a comfortable crossed legged position.  Close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply in and out through your nose.  Concentrate on the feeling you have as your body fills and empties with each breath.  Notice the change in your body, how it relaxes and your mind soon follows into the same relaxed state.

Calling In Meditation
by Jennifer Fremion

Bring your hands into prayer position.
Say out loud, "I bless this time that I have right now."
"Show me what I need to see in this moment."

Place your hands palms facing up on your lap.
Touch your index finger and thumb together.  This position is called
gyan mudra which provides us with inner knowing.

Take a few more long deep breaths in and out.
Focus on your mind's eye.
Say in your mind the words,
"I call in the light."
Repeat this eleven times.

After the repetition, sit in silence and breathe
in the strength of the call. Repeat this
breath two more times.

Now say in your mind,
"I see the light."
Repeat this eleven times.

Breathe in deeply and release the breath.  Repeat
this breath two more times.

Now say in your mind, 
"I am the light."
Repeat this eleven times.

Again breathe very deeply three times.

Now say in your mind,
"I share with you this light."
Repeat this eleven times.

Breathe deeply.  Sit in silence as long as you wish.
Wait to hear the call.  

You may receive the message immediately 
or at a later time.
Either way understand that it is on its way
to your heart.


As always with love,


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