Sunday, July 21, 2013

Thank Goodness

Thank goodness nothing is ever set in stone.
Thank goodness there is always plenty of room to roam.
Thank goodness this life isn't short and sweet.
Although each day can seem like a passing fleet.
Thank goodness our dream's have a mind of their own.
Thank goodness we always have each other to hold.
Thank goodness is a reminder, we are never alone.


The very thing that has always struck me with utter magnificence in meditation is not just the peace and tranquility during each session.  To me it is the messages that just magically seem to appear when you least expect them.  When I first started meditating it was purely for stress relief.  I started with very simple guided meditations that would set me into a very deep sleep, which at the time was a miracle in itself. I was only sleeping a matter of a few hours a night due to my insanely overwhelming schedule, a divorce and the heartache that goes along with completely losing who I was.  Although my time was limited to practice, I always felt better and it became something I looked forward to doing almost daily.  I used to say thank goodness for meditation and yoga when I get home today!  It was my life saver in my most challenging time.

What I have learned in the last year is to live in that meditative state.  To experience the wonder that is this practice, it doesn't have to be for just minutes for a limited session.  I've learned that this state is to be practiced to live in.  That this is where life not only starts to happen, but is also really being lived.  Meditation to me is a relationship between me, my Divine and all the guardians looking over me.  They are in my heart as well as in this world. Thank goodness I came to finally realize such miraculousness.

What I have learned is you don't have to be an ancient Guru to meditate.  You can actually be the most uptight, condescending, unhappy person in the world, and it is still possible to meditate.  And one thing is for sure, if you do it regularly, your life will change for the better.  Meditation is one way of the Divine to show you your way no matter how lost or broken you might feel.

I had a fantastic conversation yesterday with a client I hadn't seen in some time.  She began immediately telling me about how she is currently in the process of buying her own hair salon.  She is working on the finalization process right now.  I can say that I was totally surprised because I didn't realize that was even something she was interested in ever doing.  My excitement for her and this new adventure is brimming over.  To hear her vision, her enthusiasm and her determination for greatness, is the exact reason I am writing this blog. My wish is that someday we will all participate in life with this vision.  My purpose of sharing interviews weekly is not for the article to be read and then forgotten.  It is to ignite the spark of greatness within you.  We all have it, but unfortunately not all of us use it. I want people to jump up out of their seats and figure out what it is their hearts are telling them to do and lead with that.  Don't sit around wondering how great it could be.  Actually get up and do something about it!

She and I didn't just talk about her business venture.  We went into a long heartfelt conversation about life and how it is we can lead a wonderfully fulfilling life, or we sit on the sidelines and watch time go by wondering what it would be like to be the star player on the field of life.  This is a topic that I could talk about forever.  She and I talked about how life hasn't always been easy. But  how those times of struggle are what created some of our strongest attributes.  As I was going through my divorce my grandmother said to me once, "How many times does one person have to get thrown down onto the ground in life?  And you just keep getting up and wiping yourself off to move ahead."  My answer to that at the time was, "I guess this is just going to be my life.  I'm always going to have to fight.  Things will always be hard."  Now my answer to that is, "As many times as it takes to realize and understand the lesson at hand." When we have faith and believe in what our hearts are telling us, that is the very moment  life happens. Life becomes good.

What the practice of mediation and yoga has offered me is being able to not just have a physical and mental workout.  It has been applying these tools to real life.  Yes I feel great after my practice sessions.  But I feel out of this world phenomenal when I am participating fully in my own life.  These practices have taught me to look for the bigger picture in everything I do.  Breathe through challenges instead of resisting them.  And to live for the moments that are this life.

I babysat for my two nephews last night who are seven and five years old.  As we were in the back yard playing with bubbles, playing frisbee and then later in the night as they were asking me to tuck them into their blankets as we watched a movie, each moment struck me significantly.  These are the moments to live for. These are moments full of love and gratitude for life being exactly as it is in that exact moment.  When they are all grown up, these are the collection of memories I can look back on.  And to know that I was consciously aware to take the time out to acknowledge the beauty of these moments for exactly as they are.

So thank goodness for the big and little things in life.  The hard times and the fun times.  The little things that inevitably add up to greatness.  For all of the heartache and struggle.  For all of the smiles and laughter.  As we look back at our lives, we can see the path that has been laid out for us.  We know that if we stay the course that greatness will come.  We must be focused, diligent and simply believe in what our own hearts are telling us.

What is it that you are thankful for at this moment in your own life?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

As always with love,


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