Tuesday, July 9, 2013

By Way Of Garden: The Article

As we grow, some things are held on to.
Some things are let go of.
It is our message in every seed planted,
that allows our truth to grow roots. And to build
strength in order to culminate
the essentials of life.


The seed of life.  It is planted in us all.  It is the core of our being, the very spirit that we bring forth on this Earth in our human form.  It is our experiences that sprout growth and expansion. What experiences have we grown towards?  What experiences have we grown into?  How has our seed of life been nurtured and cared for?

What is the best way to grow? We can learn a lot from children.  As adults we so easily forget the wonder of growth.  We can become jaded with age and we forget to see everything that is growing around us and forget to nurture the very seed that is within us.  Children on the other hand explore life to the fullest.  Whether it be a baby, toddler, school age and even teenagers, their eyes and ears are open to every experience.  It is what surrounds them that develops that very seed within them.  So what do we feed them everyday?  Do we shower them with love, patience, kindness, empathy, and understanding?  Or do we shower them with frustration, anger, resentment and criticism?

What we are fed and nurtured in the beginning of our lives, is often times what we learn to feed and nurture our own environment with.  As an adult, how do you nurture your environment?  How do you see the people around you?  How do you treat them and how do you treat yourself?  When you reflect back, is it the same as you were taught as that young sprout of yourself?

Just like a flower, if it is not properly fed, watered and nurtured with warmth it cannot grow.  Ultimately it will wither and die.  Beyond that single flower, the ground, the environment surrounding it needs that exact nurturing as well. Or eventually the poor up keep of the garden will effect the well being not only of the single flower, but of the entire garden itself.  We are no different.  We have the potential to grow and expand beyond our wildest dreams in life.  However, if we do not feed, water and nurture ourselves, how would we expect our lives to be any different from a neglected flower?  Even more so, if we do not nurture our surroundings and the people in it, how can any of us thrive without a healthy garden?

Our lives are the divine gardens of our Creator.  We are living cells with an exact plan seeded within us.  Through patience, kindness, love and support we can grow into what it is that has been set forth for us.  Without those things, our growth is hindered from the start.  But, have you ever brought a dying flower back to life? Every flower has the potential of unfolding and growing back to its beautiful beginning. We hold all of the same potentials.

Maybe we were not born into love, but we can learn to grow into love.  Maybe we were not born into patience, but we can grow to have patience.  We can do this because the seed inside of us is made up of pure and abiding divine love. Sometimes we can forget what it is that we are made of and made to be.  Once we drop the fear and discomfort that sometimes is shadowed upon us and each other, not by our own doing or by our own doing, we can blossom into the very truth that was implanted in us waiting to escape the shadows of life. And to bathe in sunlight, feed our souls and live as the spirits that will create a unity of strength, unconditional love, and gardens upon gardens within each of us, made up of the abundance and prosperity that is life.  When we grow into our unlimited potential, we become the root, the very strength of our own gardens.

How can we grow together by way of garden?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

As always with love,


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