Friday, July 12, 2013

A Trusted Heart

A trusted heart need not know the outcome.
A trusted heart leads with the knowing of 
a promise that beats inside of
us all.


When have you noticed life is most exciting?  When have you noticed life becomes mundane?  Where do all of the surprises lay?  Life is most exciting when we let go and trust.  When we look for the sign posts that lead us to our greater good and destiny.  Life becomes mundane when we get stuck in a rut and put our heart's to the side, in order to just get through life.  When living fully becomes secondary to just getting by, we lose focus.  We start to live a life that isn't ours.  Then we question, how did we get here?  When we should be asking, how do I get back from which I came?

What is the real definition of trust?  Letting go.  Now letting go doesn't mean we sit back and expect life to happen for us.  What it means is to trust and know that there is a plan.  Instead of becoming panicky, irrational, controlling and frustrated when things don't go as expected, we trust that there is something coming our way that is better than the plan we thought up in our own mind.

This can be a tricky concept.  We look at success in life as coming from being a focused, goal driven individual.  There is much truth to this.  However, the people who are most successful in life are those who trust in and have immersed themselves in their heart's dreams and then go with it.  They don't know why they are driven to do what they want to do, they just do it.  And to just do it, is the trust part of the equation.  We have to know there is a bigger reason why we all have desires in life.  Some of us have similar desires and then others are complete opposites.  This is what makes the world go round and this is what makes life come alive. Don't be scared and live someone else's dream. Be your own goal seeker and live brightly within your own life.

Have a plan in life.  That plan should consist of following your heart's plan.  It is when we stray from this that life loses its color and loses its meaning.  As long as we stay the course with our own heart, life will happen. Life will open up.  Life becomes the trusted plan.

The thought of giving up control for many is one that seems impossible.  They have to dip their hands into every situation including other peoples.  The element of control is an element of destruction.  It can ruin dreams and become a vicious cycle of introducing fear into our own mind's framework.  But it can also spill over into other peoples framework as well.  Why do we feel the need to tone down our heart's message as well as tell other people their dreams are not practical?  If we all gave up so easily and all felt like we needed to control the Cosmos we would be in deep, with the consequence of deprivation.  We would suffer for not living out our life's plan. Others would suffer for our lack of follow through.  And the world suffers because we become the missing link to anything and everything that is productive and necessary for survival.  How do you survive if you aren't willing to live?

So trust in the plan.  Trust that the plan is perfect.  Even within the hardships, the disappointments along with the breakthroughs.  It is all part of the greater plan.  We may not see the big picture in the beginning.  However when we take the time to look back at the trail we've left behind, we can put those pieces together.  We can see the path that has been laid out for us already.  At that point we won't need to know an outcome before we put ourselves out there and attempt time after time to live our best life now.  We trust that with every beat of our heart there is a promise of purpose to follow.  With every beat we are one foot step closer to knowing what all this is for.

How can you lead with a trusted heart?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

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