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A Time To Reflect: Thankfulness

Another venture that is new along with The Hero Series that I'm doing with Spirit Launcher is something I'm calling, A Time To Reflect.  My initial plan when I began Spirit Launcher was to give time to my readers to reflect on our own lessons of the week. What was it that we experienced throughout the week, that looking back we can see a path and pattern forming?  My greatest lessons come to me when I am reflecting.  My articles are often times about my own stories and experiences or stories that people have shared with me in order to share a lesson we've experienced.  It doesn't mean that this is the way and only way to the path in life.  It is just one or two ways of endless possibilities.

The entire purpose of Spirit Launcher is to inspire.  It's to inspire my readers to look for the lessons in order to find their own path, to be reminded of our great big Universe in which we are an integral part of, and to tap into our own creative powers in order to fulfill our greater purpose.

Remember this is your own path, not someone elses. Their life could look similar, but ultimately the route could be very different.  Because what we need, varies with where we are within ourselves.  So today is a time to reflect.  I've chosen to reflect on thankfulness this week.  One of the biggest things that changed my life was learning to be thankful and grateful for any and all experiences no matter how powerful they are in happiness or hurt.  To be able to just know they are serving our greater purpose.

So readers I am asking what your thoughts are on thankfulness and gratitude?  How do you utilize these tools in your everyday life?  Are you using them at all?  How have they or could they make a difference in life?  Let's get the conversation started!

My idea for reflecting is in a sense creating a community journal.  Journaling has enabled me to reflect on my daily experiences in order to seek the lessons within them.  Just as we do every Wednesday with our community meditation, let's take time out together to learn from what we all go through every day. And today, what is it we can be grateful we have learned?

I can say that I am most thankful for living within a meditative state.  This week has brought on new stresses with new experiences within my nursing career.  Within these new and very foreign responsibilities, I have been able to walk through any fear and anxiety and be open to what these lessons and experiences are to bring.  Everyday I am so grateful that I have been able to meet and work with my coworkers as well as the patients that share their stories and strength with me.  There is inspiration in everything and everyone that crosses our path. We just have to be able to sift through the stresses in order to be present enough to receive what the Universe is trying to tell us.

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