Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Home: The Meditation

Welcome back Spirit Launchers to another Meditation Wednesday!  This week is a special meditation.  This is a powerful tribute to any of us who have lost ourselves along the way.  No matter where we are in life, if we do this meditation we can always remember how it is that we come back home. Because when we choose to use our ability to love, we choose to live our best life.  This is one of the most powerful meditations we will ever do.  Print out this meditation and keep it in your pocket, purse or wherever.  Keep it with you always.  So no matter what it is you are dealing with in life, you have it with you to use. Knowing that your heart can always be brought back to the comforts of home.

I always suggest reading our meditations a few times before we meet tonight at our designated time of 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific time.  Let's all come together in our community of love and knowing. Go to a quiet space.  Please sit comfortably in a cross legged position.  Lay your hands gently on your knees palms facing up.  Put your hands in gyan mudra where your thumb and index fingers touch while the rest of the fingers lay straight, bringing us to our higher knowing.  Close your eyes, breathe deeply and relax your mind.


by Jennifer Fremion

Take a long deep breath in through your nose.
And release.
Repeat this two more times.
Envision a white light surrounding your entire body.
This white light is swirling around you.  Feel
its warmth, its power, its strength.
Feel it as it protects you.
There is no more hurt.
There is no more fear.

Repeat in your mind the words,
"Life is love and love is life."
Repeat these words over and over again
until your heart receives this message.
Now repeat in your mind,
"I choose love, I choose life."
Again, continue to repeat these words
until they are a part of your being.

Take another deep breath in.
Feel the changes in your mind, body and spirit.
Accept this change.
Accept this new path.

This is our way back home.


As always with love,


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  1. Jennifer you are so Inspiring!

  2. Thank you so much Shiloh! We are all inspiring when we let the glow of life take over!

    With love,