Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Call: The Article

The call is the biggest
voice we can ever hear.
And it lives inside of us all.


Yesterday I introduced to you Michael Kitts, a Division I college basketball referee.  As he told us, he came to referee by total chance.  A referee during one of Michael's own basketball games dared him to take the test to officiate.  Michael took the test, passed and continued down this path.  Looking back now as he approaches retirement after an almost forty year career, he realizes that he heeded the call.  Had he gone off this path, he really didn't know what life would have been like.  And since he stayed the course, he stated his life has been beyond his wildest dreams.

How is it that we receive the call in our own life?  We're asked from a very young age what it is we want to be when we grow up.  This thought process can immediately get us to thinking of a direction or it can confuse us until we lose all possibilities of defining what it is that we want to do.

Could it be that the real call in life isn't just for one thing?  Yes it could be a career, but couldn't it be as simple as meeting someone for the first time and building a relationship, being at the right place at the right time in order to help someone else, being called to be of service to help others? This list could go on forever. But couldn't the call really be a trail that we are led on to put the peaces together that cumulatively lead us to our greater purpose in this life? As Michael explained in his own story, he started off at the high school level of refereeing, but over forty years little by little the opportunities became bigger and bigger.

My own path I have had countless experiences.  Whether it be in my nursing or skin care professions or my newest venture of writing.  That being said, my personal life has taken so many shifts especially in the last year, it left many people wondering, what I was doing.  Many thought I was lost.  Many thought this new spiritual path I was on was just a phase.  Many just didn't understand why every time we would see each other my life had a dynamic and dramatic change in very short periods of time.  I could feel the judgement and I could hear their questions even without them saying a word.  I started to become defensive in a sense and then I realized, this is my journey not theirs.  I am simply following my heart on my path and heeding my own call in life.  If they don't understand or don't see it now, someday they will.

So recently, now that I am finishing my book and my blog has been up and running for a few months, although most people now are amazed at the miracles that occur daily in my life, there are still those that are questioning me.  And I'm okay with that. Because I can talk about this experience all that I want.  But the most important part of all of this is that I follow through in action.  My actions will speak for themselves.  So if doubters want to sit back and question me that is okay. Eventually, they will see what it is that I am doing.  And even after that, they can accept it or not.  

I've learned through this process to not worry what anyone else thinks.  I think that was one of the hardest lessons especially because I have had a lifetime of being a people pleaser and a peace maker.  Now, I demand peace in my own life and my outside world is reflecting this very change.  I don't do drama.  It doesn't serve me or anyone else.  I've learned to live the life that best serves me by helping myself and being of service to others.  I will only surround myself personally with people who have this same view of being peaceful and loving. This doesn't mean perfect.  It just means their intentions are of peace and love.  If someone is about creating and living in havoc, I won't be a part of it. I will do my best to help them see the other side of things but the rest is up to them. One lesson I've become better at yet is still a challenge for me, is to not judge them for their own dysfunctional actions. But to send them blessings instead to figure out their own way and their own path to their very own beckon call.  In the moment where someone is out of control and lashing out at others and ultimately themselves, it can be difficult to separate yourself from that in order to send them loving thoughts and prayers. That being said, that is exactly what they are in need of in that very moment.

Life can seem tricky to figure out.  Why are we here?  What are we supposed to be doing with our life?  What if I make a wrong turn or get lost or even worse, fail?  The trick in all of this, is to become still enough in our own mind in order to hear the very call that awaits us.  Meditation has been my gateway and pathway into hearing the calls more and more clearly.  Just last night I had another transformational experience during my evening meditation. It is so stunning to me still after almost four years of practicing meditation, the significant shifts I experience.  It seems the shifts are quickening by the minute anymore not just by the day.  I've learned to not just be still in meditation, but to be still in life.  Be the calming center during every experience and especially during every storm.  That sounds warm and fuzzy doesn't it? In the beginning it can seem like an impossible feat.  Stay with it.  Keep it up and you will heighten your gift of hearing your call loud and clear.

We all have our own way of learning and communicating.  My wish is for everyone to find their own pathway in order to be ready and willing to receive their call.  This happens by experience, by thinking of situations that have come and gone and what we could have done better, future experiences, the list goes on and on.  Each moment is a call that we must receive the lessons and learn to expand on what we already know. Our call is moment to moment. All of them add up to become our greatest purpose. Say goodbye to what isn't working and bring forth what is new and challenging.  Open your heart space to make room for wondrous growth.  With an open heart we can hear any call.  We can lift our spirits and launch them as intended to live a miraculous life, so our life's song can sing on forever.

How do you heed your own calling?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

As always with love,


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