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Get Excited!

Get excited!
This is life we are living!


We can all to easily get wrapped up in the every day routine of getting up, going to work, coming home, working some more, going to bed, and then getting up and repeating that same process the very next day, and then the next.  We can become run down and even robotic in a sense of doing the same thing over and over again.  We can become lost in what we feel we have to do and we can start to lose what it is that we really want to be doing.  We can forget in all of this, one giant detail.  This is life we are living, get excited!

No matter what our daily responsibilities consist of, we have the ability to make life whatever we want to make it.  No matter how many mistakes we have made, opportunities passed by, moments missed, we can make up for all of them by making a commitment to live better and making the most of everything from this point on.

Life consists of thoughts, dreams, plans and then action.  The more we sit around thinking, the less action we are taking.  Living life is an action based sequence that in anything needs to be primary.  We could have the best thought, dream and plan imaginable, but until we put it into action it will never come to life.  Taking action and coming to life, is living life.

People have said to me lately, could you ever have imagined through all that you've been through that this is your life today?  My answer to that question is never in a million years would I have thought this would be my life. And now, never in a million years could I think to have my life any other way. The pain that I went through in losing myself in my marriage and then fighting for my life through a divorce in order to find myself, was the most difficult thing I have ever had to do. I was standing still for so long, I had forgotten what it was like to take action. I had been the walking dead for so long that I had forotten what it was like to be excited and to be alive.  My return to life has been bigger than anything I could have dreamt up.  Now my life is action packed everyday.  Everyday is a new adventure and I welcome it with open arms. The lessons I continue to learn along the way have opened the doors of life for me. Now, there is no turning back because there isn't any other way to be. 

Part of my job as a nurse is I get to see people fighting for their lives everyday.  This made me want to start fighting to live my own.  I was so wrapped up in how much people had hurt me in the past that my heart was so closed off in the present.  I had a cement wall around my heart for what I thought was my own protection and I wasn't allowing anyone to get through.  Until one day, I woke up and realized the only thing I am protecting myself from, is life itself.  I started day after day working on chiseling down that wall.  What I discovered was beyond that wall was nothing to be afraid of.  That life is beautiful, but it is a million times more beautiful with my own participation.

That goes for all of us.  Life is only beautiful when we are all participating.  When we all are excited.  It doesn't matter what has happened in our past.  We can work through anything.  The past is just a constant reminder to make our present day just that, a present to us today and to our future and the world we live in.  At the end of the day what matters most is how many people we have helped make their hearts whole and how many people have we left holes in their hearts? Are we making a difference for the good of ourselves and others or are we hurting ourselves and others in the process?

One of the greatest gifts given to me was an article I wrote for this site called, The Wisdom Of Our Heart.  If you have time please go back and read it.  The message is absolutely beautiful and made me gasp as I was writing it.  It was one of my first articles written and the message still brings me to tears.  It is the epitome of what life is to be and what we need to start living to make our lives the best we can for ourselves and for one another.

Getting excited in life gives us that feeling that the doors of the world are opening up to us.  Because they in fact really are.  Leading life with our heart's allows us to be divinely led in everything we do.  Not having to know the outcome of things in order to be all in.  Because in the end, if we work with and through what I call Universal code, there is never a question as to what it is we are to be doing and what direction we are to be going.  Going with the flow is some of the best advice we can take in order to lead our best life now.  So what are we waiting for?  Get excited and let's start living!

What gets you excited about life?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

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