Friday, July 19, 2013

Another's Heart

Empathy is seeing another's 
heart as our own.


I talk quite a bit in my articles about the significance of meditation and how it has changed my life in ways I could have never thought imaginable.  One meditation in particular given by Deepak Chopra created a shift in me so significant, it was as if the Universe's light was ignited within my heart.  His assignment with this meditation was for one entire day to look for our Divine in everyone's eyes.

I practiced this meditation before I went on the floor to work as a nurse on the Oncology unit.  This was my last night on the floor before I started my new nursing position in ICU.  I had six patients all with uncontrolled pain and nausea, medications scheduled every hour and no nursing assistant to help.  The entire floor was chaos.  That being said, there was a calm that stayed with me from that meditation.  My night was hectic, and unmanageable, yet I kept going.  My focus was purely on my patients.  One patient was an older gentleman.  He was called the grumpy old man on the unit because he had been yelling at the staff all day. I knew he would be my challenge and my test for the night.  Although he wanted to consume most of my time and I had very little, I gave him the time he needed.  His yelling stopped, and at one point he looked at me with the most gentle eyes and said, "Whether I live or whether I die, I will never forget you.  You are one of the good ones", as he shook his finger at me smiling.  

I remember his eyes being so warm and beautiful that they pierced right through my heart.  Throughout my shift he had stopped yelling and began sharing his life story with me.  I realized when he said those final words to me before I finished my shift, that we weren't having a human to human conversation.  That was a spirit to spirit conversation. Not only did I see him for the loving spirit he was, I saw my Divine in his eyes as well as myself.

We can become so barreled down with worry, hurt and consuming fear sometimes, that we forget we are all connected by Divine energy.  We are all of one source.  When one of us struggles, we all struggle.  When one of us hurts, we all hurt.  When one of us celebrates, we all celebrate victoriously.  We must not forget this.  And if this is the first time you are hearing this, keep it close within your heart and carry it with you always.  

When we look in the mirror not only should we see ourselves, we should see ourselves as the Divine creation that we are.  We should also see our Creator in our own eyes.  As we should see ourselves in another's eyes and feel ourselves in another's heart.  Could you imagine a world where we all realized this and it became our way of living?  I feel this world every time I go into meditation.  My hope for myself was that one day, I would never have to leave this space because the beauty within it is indescribable. 

That one lesson from Deepak enabled me to do just that.  I realized in talking with that patient that I had entered into this ethereal format just by being present and aware and looking for my Divine within him.  Ultimately, I saw myself within him as well.

Think about this concept the next time you are challenged with someone pushing your buttons.  Let go of the defensiveness and the barbed wire around your heart.  Look for our Divine within that other person and then look for yourself.  Feel how your heart opens.  Feel yourself within that very moment change into pure and abiding love.  No words will be needed because I truly believe there are none big enough for this experience.  You will feel the Universe inside of yourself and your heart will open to endless possibilities and wonder.

How has feeling another's heart opened your own heart?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

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  1. Hi Jennifer

    I practice meditation and yoga as well. I also try to put into practice loving kindness daily in that we are all having our own suffering and that it is good to generate love towards other beings and ourselves. By understanding that each one of us has our own struggle, I tend to be more compassionate and less egoistic. When I experience suffering, I know that I am not alone.

  2. Thank you mulkurnia! That is refreshing to hear your daily practice is of love to yourself and to the world!

    Much love,