Friday, July 26, 2013

A Prayer Answered

When we experience growth, 
we have a change in perception.
Our entire world, essence and being changes
within that very miracle.


I had a new and surprising vision for my website the other day. One of my most favorite things to do is talking with my guests for the interviews.  There is so much to be said about sharing space with someone who is using their creative powers for the benefit of life and living.  Their stories inspire me to continue on my own path and I hope they inspire you as well.  

My intentional spiritual journey started about a year and a half ago.  I wanted to become closer to my Divine and wanted to find the exact pathway to do so.  I took a job with hospice for my nursing career.  This experience opened my mind and my heart in ways I never could have predicted.  I was also introduced to material by the incredible Dr.Wayne Dyer.  Doors and windows flew open in my life with an explosive shift it seemed like within every second.  The walls began to come crashing down around my heart.  For the first time not only did I feel love that was boundless, I was also able to receive it.

The beauty within this journey often times brings me to tears.  To sit and realize the life I have now and the way I used to live are night and day.  The teachers that I have had along the way are what I consider to be my heroes.  Now I don't define a hero as someone with super powers.  A hero to me is someone that can bring someone out of their own darkness in order to see and live within their own light.  They give keys and lessons to a brighter and more fulfilling way of living.  I have so many teachers that this vision came to me as I was thinking about the premise of my website.  

So I am starting something I am calling, The Hero Series.  My weekly interviews are meant to inspire everyone to read about someone else experiencing life through their own creative leads.  We all have different elements of what we find intriguing and inspiring.  That is why I have interviewed people doing so many different things in life.  If just one person reads an article that inspires them to kick start their own dream in life, then I feel my mission has been well served.  So through this series I will introduce to you the authors, speakers and spiritual leaders who have enabled me to live my best life now.  The very teachers who have taught me that nothing we learn, see, hear or remember means anything, unless we are taking action with these tools within our own lives. This is why I talk so frequently about living within meditation.  It doesn't serve anyone fully to practice yoga, prayer, meditation, or whatever the practice may be, for a certain amount of time, if they enter back into life being lost and flailing. 

Funny enough the inspiration for this series was started when a person from a meditation circle told me that they didn't see how Monday's interview article that I posted had anything to do with their religious belief or meditation.  I was contacted one other time by this person not in concern with this issue and even just through written word I felt a strange energy from this person. As I always say, follow your intuition because it is always telling you something! Looking back, that was my warning sign that something was about to happen.  A few days later I had this question raised about my article.  I wanted to explain that all of my articles are what I call living within meditation.  It is taking the practice and applying it to real life.  This person snapped back stating that the community would not be able to understand my theory and that advanced practicing meditators don't agree at all with this theory.  I was confused as to this person's aggressive demeanor in what I hoped, but felt would not be, an opportunity to bring two very different views together in harmony.  I said to myself I will attempt one more time to explain what my mission is and if it truly doesn't fit the site that is perfectly fine. But I knew I needed to set boundaries and would not continue a back and forth conversation full of negativity. 

Surprisingly, I stayed calm through this entire process.  I knew from a practical stance that this person's antagonistic remarks were not over a simple article posting or my attempt to understand what the community's criteria for posting is. I myself am new to these communities and have been using other sources of social media, so I was simply trying to understand the rules.  I realized when I ended the conversation after a final list of ridiculing remarks were made by this person, that I no longer even wanted to be a part of that community and that I totally agreed with this person in that my material does not belong on their site.  My material is for a community of love, peace, harmony and learning from life in order to live a purposeful life everyday.  I stated to this person that very thing and that I would be looking forward to leaving that space that we shared during the conversation.  It was such a negative space and although I was attempting to understand where this person was coming from and explained that to them, I realized because of their responses their only intentions were to insult my work, my guest author and my beliefs and that is just unacceptable.

I always say look for the lessons in everything.  After the conversation I had an amazing lightness that filled my entire body.  It was as if the heaviness that lay within the conversation was depleted from my body in an instant.  I felt so peaceful and I couldn't at the time find an exact reason as to why that was.  Later in the night I was hit with the lesson itself.  I had just experience a prayer answered.  For months I have been praying and asking while in meditation to help me become loving in a loveless situation. In the past, I've not done so well.  I cannot stand it when people are being hurt and are hurting others. This was the lighthouse I had been seeking. I stayed in my love for the first time while being mistreated.  I never called this person a name, wished them bad, or insulted them in conversation or outside of the conversation.  The night before our final conversation I actually prayed that this person find peace because that type of behavior doesn't come from happiness.

To me this was the most difficult of all of my spiritual lessons.  I've struggled with allowing people to upset me time after time. When we are being attacked usually our first response is to fight back with the same type of anger we are receiving. This time I didn't. I was sad that this person chose to communicate in the manner they did, but I realized they were perfectly placed in my life to show me how much I've learned and have expanded my own heart space. I wrote and article not too long ago called, Of Judge and Jury and stated that this lesson has been a challenge for me.  And shortly thereafter, I was met with that very challenge and I passed the test! So I have nothing to say to this person other than thank you for delivering the lesson.

Not only did this process introduce the idea of The Hero Series, I also didn't let someones agenda get in the way with my purpose and that is to remember to be love.  It was an incredible hidden lesson. A great miracle happened within all of this!  As A Course In Miracles says, a miracle is a change in perception.  I had practiced this tool enough to where I could tackle it within battle. And my spirit shined through to the very end.

Meditation to me above all else has been the very tool that has enabled me to have my ego fall away, to be able to recognize my ego when it's about to come out of its shadowy place, to be open to expansions in love and light and understanding the power of the Universe.  It's enabled me to live in miracles and realize their every day occurrences.  I couldn't ask for a better way to live.  It took me awhile to get here.  But I was determined to make love my home and see, feel and breathe the beauty that is within an answered prayer.

What powerful shift have you experienced within an answered prayer?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

As always with love,


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