Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lead And Be Led

Be at the forefront of everything
that you do.
Be open to any and all possibilities.
As you will come upon the
meaning of your purpose by
following both plans.


I was talking to a public relations executive who contacted me the other day about my current and future plans with Spirit Launcher.  Where it is that I want to go and what it is that I'm being called to do.  My mission is simple.  Spirit Launcher is a platform for everyone to express their deepest purpose and explore their greatest potential in life.  It is a place to heal, to grow and just be.  I told the executive that I have many plans for Spirit Launcher, but that I am also allowing myself to be led on this journey. And during an appointment with a client yesterday, in a flash I was given a window into what my future will be.  My job in all of this is to be a leader in my own dream and let that dream take me wherever it is I am to go.

This project for me was to be able to make a point to write everyday. Although I was writing my book at the time, I was being called to write even more.  So Spirit Launcher was launched and I never looked back. Along with my book, the daily articles on my site are such an example of leading with fire your true desires, but also knowing to be open to being led.  This daily practice for me has enriched and deepened my life in ways I could have never seen coming. I never know what exactly I am going to be writing until I start writing.  I begin with the attitude of understanding that my writing will take me wherever it is that I need to go.  I have faith, I trust and then I let go.  I am being led into this entirely new world. I know that this is all part of my greater plan and I am beyond excited to be on this path that I have begun so innocently not too long ago.  I am excited for life as it is right now and for whatever the future holds.  There is much going on and there is so much that is to be.

My book is going into final editing this week which I am ecstatic about.  I cannot wait for this work to be read and experienced by everyone.  It has changed my life and has given me the openness to trust in my own path more and more with each step forward. I feel my heart expanding with each and every beat and I feel life expanding with every breath I take.  This process for me although very painful in the beginning, has led me to an understanding that life has the perfect plan.  No matter what it is we expect out of life, the Universe has something waiting for us that is bigger and better than any dream we could ever have. 

I've learned that leading with faith, we walk daily into surprises set out for us around every corner. And that we must be open to that faith allowing us to be led by something bigger than ourselves. And not only do our hearts open, the world opens up to us. 

The past year has been no exception. For me, allowing this to be my way of life has turned my life into every waking moment being so grateful and so excited to see what will be laid out for me each day.  I've let go of any expectations other than for something to happen that is completely outside of the box.  No details needed, just knowing that greatness will come my way. I've learned that putting myself in new and uncomfortable situations that I normally would have avoided, has helped my heart grow courage, love and acceptance. Not only of myself, but of others as well.

I listened to a lecture the other night where Marianne Williamson was a guest speaker.  She made a statement that made my heart beat so fast with excitement. She said that when we learn to love everything in life, that is when love comes to us tenfold.  That summed up this last years journey for me.  I realized at that exact moment that I was doing just that. I have fallen in love with life. My eyes have changed with what I see because my heart and mind have changed rhythm. If we listen with our hearts, our mind will follow.  After all, our heart is our spirit's mind. We just have to learn to think differently.  I've exhausted judgment, shame, neglect and embarrassment in my old way of being.  Today's way of living is being open to any and all experiences because I know that this will allow me to lead my life with love and purpose and be led to my ultimate greatness.  This is me, living my best life now.

How do you lead in your own life?  How do you allow yourself to be led?  Share with us we would love to hear from you!

As always with love,


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