Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Meditation of Surrender

Welcome back Spirit Launchers to meditation Wednesday! This is where we connect with our energy and are reminded that in the power of many, that together we are the power of one united front of which is love. This week we will focus on the power of surrender.  Our greatest power is in letting go and letting be what our higher power is leading us to.  To allow our internal guide to move swiftly and lovingly as we follow its lead to our higher knowing.

Let us join together tonight at 8pm Eastern and 5pm Pacific time in our loving community that we can lean on and create strength for ourselves and each other. As always I suggest reading through the meditation a few times before we meet at our designated time.  We will begin sitting in a cross legged position.  Rest your hands on your lap palms facing up.  Close your eyes and focus on long deep easy breathing.

Meditation of Surrender
by Jennifer Fremion

Sit comfortably still breathing deep and easy.
  Let the thoughts
come in and out of your mind.
Soon they will lessen within
your own relaxation.

Repeat the words in your mind,
"I surrender to you. I surrender
to all that will be.  I surrender
to you. I surrender to the deeper me."

Repeat this as many times as you need
until you notice your mind falling
more deeply relaxed.

Now just sit in this silence.  Sit as
long as you need.
When you are ready bring your
hands to your heart space in prayer position.

Take a long deep breath in and say out loud an extended, "Om."
Stressing the longest part of the word with the sound of "M."
Repeat this three times.
Notice the vibration throughout your entire body.

Sit in peace and surrender to your own silence.


As always with love,


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